Our social safety net can be a lot of new features in the practice of medicine is no longer followed. As a result, many of the Pia’s: children who have a life-threatening condition, or limiting condition that is the most effective medication or therapy that is not yet refunded. For parents, there is no other way than as themselves, in order to collect money. And for Nathan, and Remy means the difference between being able to walk or not to use

from The 17-month-old tweelingbroertjes, Nathan, and Lake in Sint-Job-in-’t-Goor, eyes, cute, but suffering from cerebral palsy, and so have their parents this spring to hear from you. This cramping of their limbs. Independent walking is difficult, like talking. “At the end of August, came up with a neurologist to get the botox to be injected in to Nathan,” say martin and Stéphanie. They see salvation in the manual therapies, which are non-refundable, such as the Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation (ABR), which, through the daily exercises that affects the connective tissue. In a few weeks ‘ time, learned the twins were rolling, and crawling. Lake now, and the likelihood is growing that he will be able to walk again. Nathan gets to his feet, and without the botox in a 90-degree angle. Only when he is under stress, his feet are still betonblokjes. The therapies can cost around 50,000 euros per year. By the Little Heroes, NPO and raise funds for the parent fund. Volunteer to sell t-shirts as well as offering a shop, pay a euro per sold tutje, and this Saturday, there is a Kubtoernooi. “For example, we have already accounted for more than half of the required budget for this year, but we’ll have it for 3-4 years. Your contribution will make for our sons, it’s the difference between a walk-in or not”. (IDV)

you can Read the reasons Why Flanders does not wish to screen to the disease of the Pia and the walloon region, however, is


the Patient needs to Collette empowering

It’s a 3-year-old Collette from a very Narrow, was born with cerebral palsy. To eat only through a tube. They have a six times weekly service to the kine. At the TRAINM in Antwerp in practice, they spend time with a robot in order to learn the steps. Its linkerhandje, the power is missing, there will be training. “And, as of recently, she has severe seizure disorders. But here, too, knokt they are,” says her father. Her parents dream of the dolphin therapy on Curacao, netherlands antilles. A physiotherapist and an occupational therapist, will Colette be there to learn how to dress in her swimsuit to put on. Later, she learned to eat, to make up for the dolphins at the wharf of exercises to do. I manage to get her to clap, then to the dolphin to respond to. Thus, they are encouraged to be aware of. At the end of the day, they are like a reward to the dolphin in the water. The therapy will cost 15,000 euros. Through crowd-funding, it is 2,000 euros was raised. For Collette as other actions that, because they get a lot of non-refundable: custom shoes, the robottraining (8300 euros per year), feeding (7200 euros), kine (3100 euros), and seizure-detecting device ( 3 000). (YES).

www.welovecollette.be,www.gofundme.com/f/collette-naar-de-dolfijnen,BE47 7360 6320 6880

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