Royalty of The Netherlands, queen Maxima 48-year-old always looks for a hook to pick it up. But rarely are they the center of attention, and if at the end of September of this year. In the Dutch press, and the people will not stop talking about it derobijnrode dress that princess Máxima was launched. Especially with the – to royal standards, a bold plunging neckline of the Maxima is going to be about the whole.

Every year on the third Tuesday of september, is to be found in the Netherlands by the end of September, place, on the day on which the king traditionally has his address out loud. However, it was not Alexander, but his wife, queen Maxima, and all the attention is on the lift it went.She scored with an impressive ruby-red dress with over the shoulder and part of her breast, and a flexible cape with glittering rhinestones. Its tucked in the red dress, it would make a big difference in the passing years, where the Maxima are invariably chose the outfits that her cleavage is fully shrouded.

“How beautiful is the princess Máxima, at the end of September?”, writing Flair, the Netherlands are all over the dress. “The queen appears to have breasts, to have, a headline news site dedicated to well-Informed Circles. The newspaper writes back “to the Maxima with a daring plunging neckline, while Mokkels, when the “Neck of the Maxima exceeds the requirements of the beards of prince Willem-Alexander”. “The beard of the king and queen of the plunging neckline of the Maxima are the talk of the town” was on the Radio station Radio 538.

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