Abroad, tickets to the exhibition, the Design of the Third Reich at the Museum of modern art in the Netherlands ‘ s-hertogenbosch, which is a week and a half ago, it launched its very popular. Today, all of the 10,000 e card will be ordered, and since it’s opening on Sunday, the 8th of september, the exhibition will constantly sold out and have been.

For the next couple of weekends, the tickets are also gone. According to a spokesperson for the police out there are a striking number of young people and women. “Young men are the most difficult to go to a museum to get to all the sections of the public, but we can see now, quite a lot.” The museum will look at the possibilities of the opening to be widened.

the exhibition will include posters, photographs, clothing, furniture, documents, cars, all from the nazitijdperk, and the images of Hitler’s favourite sculptor, Arno Breaker. Also, many of the films will be shown, inter alia, on how the nazis are in Berlin and Munich (germany), in the future, the full range of.