The economy, The Federal Reserve system (Federal reserve), the interest rate in the United States is once again lowered. In the U.s. the dome of the central banks, took out a quarter of a percentage point from its key interest rate, which would, in accordance with bankpresident, Jerome Powell, and the economy a helping hand to give. The President, Donald Trump is not enough to blame the Fed’s “no guts,” you have to have.

are The decision-makers were divided over what is the interest rate for the next period of time to learn. She had to know, “” to act, as is necessary for economic growth to do so.

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The most important interest rate, now at a range of between 1.75 per cent and 2.0 per cent. The steps were, the financial markets are taken into account.

the American president when He was the interest rate cut is not enough. “Jay, Barry, and the Fed’s failure, once Again. No ‘guts’, no sense, no vision for the future. A terrible communicator”, tweeted he. (read on below)

Home runs and the pressure on the Fed for quite some time, the interest will be lower, and it would be less than a negative rate to see. In Trumps appearance, turn to the central bank of the United States is lagging behind when compared to other major economic powers, such as the European Union.

The Federal reserve, increased Wednesday, with light to his growth. The institution in charge for this year, and is now on a growth rate of the economy is 2.2 per cent, compared with 2,1 per cent previously.


From the seventeenth-makers saw the five, no need for a rentestap. Five others were cut by one-quarter of a percentage point for the remainder of the year is sufficient. The other seven wanted to make a cut of half a percentage point.

In July, the rate of interest has also been reduced. It was then that, for the first time in more than a decade.

According to Barry fell, the investment and export fees. The expenditure of households grew still.