Royalty, prince, Prince Harry, (34) and Meghan Markle (37), and their quest to find a suitable nanny, it would have been but did not want to work. Although, with the current doubts about the intussenal for a while, keep it up, and with the royals is huge in the taste would be noticed, the names have previously been tweekindermeisjes of the flock, within 6 weeks of discharge. The American media will do one of those nannies is now explained as to why they threw in the towel.

“Meghan Markle is behaving like a monster, behind-the-scenes.” The word has to be one of the former nannies of the royals, to not need to be the case. “They want to control everything. Baby, Archie, was still not up to 7 weeks of age, when they have been looking for a new nanny. She is so afraid that her child will have to adhere to anyone else’s. They suffer, therefore, is not as good as other baby a long time to hold it.”

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In exchange for the secret of its identity and wants to be the former nanny, to talk about how Meghan should go out with being a mom.Striking enough to be Meghan, not only to the staff to keep track of Orders, as well as her own mother Provides. When Meghan was still a baby, it was suspected that her mother was an important role for the upbringing of the baby, but it seems quite different to me.“For the last time, in that it Provides in the United Kingdom, was Meghan, her mom and the baby, barely hold it down. A couple of minutes, maybe a lot more, it wasn’t. And even Harry is allowed to take its course don’t just go to the Image teliefkozen. He may be a child, of course, always pick it up if he wants to, but Meghan did, however, love that they are always at hand.”


According to a former nanny, the duchess with the reins firmly in his hands. “Meghan and Harry have been at the beginning of september, invited by the Queen to take a vacation.The head of the state invites all of her relatives from her residence in scotland at Balmoral. But Meghan suggested a ” veto, and stated that the Image was still far too young to travel to, what it sounds like. “When it is an excuse. Meghan and Harry had been to four different trips to her together.”

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