Showbiz, On the 25th of december had Josje and her boyfriend, Cle Gyimah is the best christmas present ever-their son was not Applicable. That is an intense experience, made her world so much in his head, that he decided to put a book on that theme. “However, this is not the zwangerschapsbiografie of Josje Huisman, of course. I see it more as a book,” says Josje at All. She shares in her book, my own experiences, and those that are occasionally significant. “I’ve had my placenta, let it dry, and in the form of a powder, let capsuleren,” says Josje.

“my pregnancy has taught me to be softer and kinder, but it is also the most powerful experience I have ever had. It’s finding the balance between controlling and letting go, because you can’t plan everything. I found it very difficult.”There are also some to learn more about the book. For example, you to make smoothies and capsules, your placenta, the zols too Josje did. “I’ve had my placenta, let it dry, and in the form of a powder, let capsuleren. I know that for many people this is a far wegshow, but I thought it was worth the effort.”

Josje took each day as a capsule. “In the postpartum period, yes. I felt like I was good at. For many women, it is a help to them during their recovery after giving birth, and I thought to myself: “I want to try. The benefit of ’t do not, then the harm to be.” Josje also writes about the zogenoemdehypnobirthing sessions.“Relaxation techniques to captivate me in anyway, so for me it was a way to get them to apply it in a different context, along with Clé. We thought it would be nice to have that kind of stuff with just the two of you to do so. I didn’t know what it meant to be: to make contact with your child. He was sitting in your abdomen, and then what? You can’t talk about to enter. However, if you put your hand on your stomach, it may stop responding to your baby there is.”

“Well, it is the first time that I felt that I was not sure if it’s the baby or my bowels. But at some point in time, you could see it clearly. Many restaurants and shops and has strong legs and feet, and sticks, which like to move forward now. Every time I voetafdrukjes my belly looked, and I thought, ‘ oh, what are you doing right now?(laughs)”.