SCREEN Hazes, That Paul, in the winter, Sean Dhondt, Peter Van Laet, Karen Damen, and The Starlings (Kato Callebaut and Tom Dice). These are the seven artists who are at the end of October, at an as-yet-unknown destination, leaving it for the sixth season of “for the Love of music’. Kato, Tom and Karen to see the VTM as an ideal opportunity to re-connect with the public at large.

as in past years, the VTM is the sixth season of ” the Love for the music, and thought long and hard about the combination of artists. It hitmachines as a Region (43), Andre Hazes (25) in the company of some of the talents that are a little less well known, are (or have become) the public at large. As Peter Van Laet (52), that, As of the day when one of the Dutch-language hits from the 90’s and has scored more than 1.4 million albums sold, Mom’s Style. Life of Thomas (47), which are the most successful in the nineties during that time. With the dancegroep X-Session, he played as many of the nightclubs are down. Later, he threw himself as well as Let on solo projects.

did this too, Karen Damen (44) after the issue of the K3’s story, for her to quit. She took a picture, but that’s 10,000 units sold, there was a big run is not really the case. Now, Karen is the chance to get the critics to prove them wrong, and her solo project a new lease of life. “I see my part in ‘for the Love of Music” as a new boost to my career”, says she is moving forward. “I’m very proud of the album I’ve made, and it is also the most musical way, I want to continue to follow it. On the tv show, on the record, was hanged, < / i> (‘Karen’s make a record”, ed. was quite a bit of criticism, but I don’t feel like I have to prove it to you. I know that there are people who still don’t believe that I was able to sing, but I’m not worried about that.”

After Karen makes it to a plate, took Antwerp, with a sabbatperiode of the six months of the year. “I had good intentions to do all kinds of things to do at that time of the year, but in the end I really didn’t do much,” says Karen. “I need to be, right? That’s why I believe an entry of ‘for the Love of Music” is just as much fun, but I think people forget that I’m a singer myself.”


Some Karen and her co-performers, in the VTM program can be found? “In the winter, I know, of course, all of my half-life (such as it were once in a relationship, ed.). and by She (Verbeke, ed.). I am good friends with Gene. Sean Dhondt know I’m good, and I Let I have time to get to know in “Tien Om Te zien’. I really feel like I’m soon to go on vacation leave, it’s like a big vriendenreünie.”

you may Also use the Kato Callebaut (28) and Tom Dice (29) will be allowed to join us. After a successful solo projects, it was a moment of silence around the two of them, until the couple at the beginning of this year was marked by The Starlings. “It’s an honor that they asked us to do, ‘” he said. “It would seem that you have achieved. The fact is that we as a team are going, I see it as a reward for our hard work, and a confirmation that we are on the right track. The program will help us make the project better known to a wider audience.” Tom and Kato were both out of nothing, famous as: Kato, in 2011, the second in the “Idol’, and Tom got to the same place in ‘the X Factor’ and has represented our country at the Eurovision song contest in 2010 with “Me and My Guitar”.

Nothing too crazy,

“At the beginning of my career there was nothing to be mad”, says Tom. “I was sixth in the Championship, and was the support act for Taylor Swift. If you are, then, in the years that followed, in small clubs, up to 40 people to act, however, is a little getting used to. It was during that period of time is not always easy to continue to keep this up.” For Kato, the focus was mainly on the beginning of her career. “I’m following my participation in ‘Idol’ a lot done in a short period of time, but at the time I didn’t know what I really wanted to do. I am a two-year break has been to have a good think about it. Now, here we are, our hearts are with The Starlings, and we go through each and every success is a lot more intense. In the past, we thought it would be quite normal to see a number of us on the radio, and now we are happy as a child, and if that happens again.”