Spring mood, space and romance: the poster for the weekend

In Moscow the air is already feeling the spring mood in the city again thaw, and even the flowers bloom. Where to see the fields of tulips and the first to spend a romantic evening?

According to forecasters, spring this year will be very early and warm. Well, somewhere in Moscow, it has arrived: in the “Aptekarsky ogorod” two months ahead of the natural term blossomed gardens. More than 10 thousand spring plants — tulips, hyacinths, cherry blossoms, Magnolia, Lily of the valley.

the Aroma is just indescribable. To get them to bloom now, in February, gardeners have been using a special technique — the so-called “distillation” when plants are special conditions: nutrition, irrigation and lighting.

Here you can see the rarest varieties of tulips — black, or perhaps with the scent of watermelon, exotic citrus trees and giant lilies. The exhibition “the Rehearsal of spring” opens tomorrow. The first day offers a lot of surprises — concerts, performances, and lessons in flower arranging.

Another gift in store for Muscovites tomorrow at ENEA. Everyone will have a unique opportunity to meet with our cosmonauts Nikolay Tikhonov and Andrei Babkin, which will soon go on an expedition to the ISS. You can ask any question and, of course, be photographed with them. The meeting will be held in the pavilion “Space”. Requires pre-registration.

the poster Museum is also very rich. In the Arena now hosts an exhibition of Salvador Dali. In the exposition of the Historical Museum of the French revolutionary pottery: antique glassware of the XVIII century. And in the Pushkin Museum after a long restoration has returned the famous painting by Titian “Behold the man”. Be sure to come and see.

a Large sports programme this weekend on the Sparrow hills. On Saturday, the stage of the freestyle world Cup: 70 athletes from different countries will perform complex acrobatic stunts on skis. Sunday — Children’s tournament in Alpine skiing. Come cheer on the participants and be sure to try to conquer Moscow slopes. For beginners there all day school will open for skiers and snowboarders.

in the skating rinks in Moscow parks today for all the lovers arrange a romantic evening. Gorky Park — lessons in pair skating, and in the garden of “Hermitage” — photo shoot on the ice. Just dress warmer: by the end of the day a freeze.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”