Aneta Beria: how did the lives of deaf-mute sister of the Commissar

History 14/02/20 Aneta Beria: how did the lives of deaf-mute sister of the Commissar

Beria was not the only child in the family. The all-powerful Commissar was the sister, who in childhood became disabled. When Beria’s career went uphill, the Aneta managed successfully to marry. However, Lavrenty Pavlovich said her husband of Unity about what to help they don’t intend to.

In the care of brother

In fact, Paul chuchevichi of Beria and his wife, Marta Jakeli had three children together. However, according to Zaza Tskvitaia, author of “Beria without lies. Who needs to repent?”, one child of the couple died from smallpox. The only survivor of Lawrence and Aneta. However, the latter as a result of severe sickness have permanently lost the hearing and ability to speak. Lavrenty Beria from the age of 16 the material provided and his mother and sister with a disability. In Baku, he worked as a tutor and served as a postman. The Aneta all, without exception, biographers called just a housewife.

However, Sergo Beria, the son of the Commissar, in his book “My father, Lavrenty Beria. Son responsible for his father…” wrote that his aunt was a pretty educated woman. However it still doesn’t change: learn about the professional activities of Unity Pavlovna missing. But we know that, when Beria moved to Moscow, followed by sister and mother. However, to get used to the unusual the capital of a woman’s life and failed. A little stay in Moscow, they returned home and settled in Tbilisi.

Mess with sisters

After Beria began to climb up the career ladder, to arrange the fate of Unity, despite her condition, was easy. Interestingly, many biographers claim that the deaf-mute sister of the Commissar took to wife a small businessman Nicholas Quijije starting with the trade of water on the streets. In particular, writes about this in his book “Kremlin bride” Valentine Kraskovo. Odhowever, actually married Quijije came another sister Lavrentiy Tamara, who was the daughter of Martha Jakeli from his first marriage.

that the fate of Aneta Beria had been slightly different, than the fate of Tamara, you can see the book of Oleg Mozohina “Politburo and then Beria”, which shows original documents from the case of Lavrenty Pavlovich. So, in the “List of close relatives of an enemy of the people and the party Beria and his wife Beria-Gegechkori” number 2 is the one Aneta is deaf. That’s just as her husband appears in the materials of a certain Levan Ismailovich of Loladze.

a Good marriage and a bad fate

This is confirmed by Andrey Gusarov, the author of the book “Marshal Beria. Strokes to the biography”. According to Gusarov, Levan Loladze, who worked as an engineer in commercial Management service the Transcaucasian railroad, have expressed their desire to register their marriage with the Aneta Beria in the mid 1930-ies. Then Lavrenti Beria, while experiencing the Zenith of his career, asked him Loladze on whom he is going to marry it or Aneta. Unknown, answered that Levan, but the wedding still held.

Before Lavrenty Beria warned future son-in-law that help from him should not wait. However, neither Aneta p. nor Levan Ismailovich never asked for a senior relative. They lived modestly, content with the fact that I was earning Loladze. And soon the couple was born the only daughter Aniko. The girl was only 7 when her mother and father suffered the same fate as many relatives of Lavrenty Beria. As Alexander writes North in the publication of “Beria and the NKVD before and during the great Patriotic war”, Loladze with the child was sent to Abakan. Returning from exile, Aneta stretched long. Aniko after the death of his mother left to live in Tbilisi.

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