Report from crowded Cavenago hospital — there are 700 patients. Look at what's inside

Novosibirsk hospital # 11 at today’s hearing. Coveny hospital on the basis of its earned over a month ago, but the establishment has managed to be at the center of several scandals. Just five days after opening it began to line up the queue of ambulances, and patients complained of long waiting. Some of them do not have enough space in the house, so the medics placed the sick in the hallway (photos from overcrowded hospitals came to us in edition). Recently near the hospital appeared in the tent of emergency medicine to the sick was easier to wait for reception. But this is not so smooth: one of the patients of the institution spent the night in the tent before getting to the hospital building. The correspondent Ksenia Lysenko and photographer Alexander Oshchepkov has visited the hospital, looked into the room where practically live tired doctors, and climbed into the red zone, which occupies two floors. As things stand now in the largest Covina hospital of Novosibirsk, where almost two times more patients than doctors and nurses — in our report.