The educational committees of Red-Green-Red approached the chairmen of their parliamentary groups with an unprecedented action on Thursday morning. In a joint letter, shortly before the final deliberations of the main committee on the double budget, they appeal to their party friends to spare considerably more money than previously planned for the Berlin school.

The focus is on the advice not to be guided by outdated demographic data, but to take into account the current growth – including that due to the flight from Ukraine: “This would have the corresponding budgetary approaches, especially in the area of ​​school construction and training capacities rather have to be strengthened if we want to live up to our common promise in the field of education,” write the three working groups for education of the parties. From their point of view, the planned cuts in the current draft budget are “counterproductive”.

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At the end of their appeal, the education committees describe the cuts planned so far as “wrong decisions in the current budget draft”. Without this correction, the education sector “is facing a turning point and, in times of greatest shortage, has to face blatant cuts that make it impossible to combat the shortage. Our common claim is different”.

Meanwhile, the protests against the planned cuts continue. A vigil in front of the House of Representatives is planned for the afternoon. In addition, there have been open letters from parents and school management associations since Monday.