Netflix may have found a solution to the subscriber problem: After the number of customers dropped slightly for the first time, which led to a significant drop in value on the stock exchange, the streaming service wants the fourth season of “Stranger Things” starring Millie Bobby Brown to start soon – Allow advertising for the cheaper subscriptions until the end of the year.

In addition, there should be an even cheaper, purely advertising-financed entry-level subscription. Both variants are possible not least because streaming sales will remain the major growth driver for audio and audiovisual media in 2022.

According to a survey by the Association of Private Media (Vaunet), advertising sales in the industry in Germany will increase by 4.2 percent to 6.54 billion euros in 2022. On the other hand, advertising revenues in streaming offers will grow much more strongly, with a double-digit increase again being forecast. For video streaming, Vaunet expects an increase in advertising of 18 percent to 1.35 billion euros, in the audio sector an increase in advertising revenue of 15 percent to 97 million euros is expected.

“People are spending more time than ever using audiovisual media,” said Vaunet Managing Director Frank Giersberg. Accordingly, advertising for advertisers is also becoming increasingly important here.

However, the classic electronic media benefit from this to a lesser extent. In the television sector, it will go up by one percent to 4.38 billion euros, but will remain below the values ​​before the outbreak of the corona pandemic, according to the forecast. Radio sales should remain stable at around 707 million euros – and thus also below the pre-corona level.

In the first Corona year 2020, advertising sales fell by almost six percent. The advertising industry recovered again in 2021: an overall increase of 10.7 percent was achieved, with streaming advertising revenues increasing by around 30 percent.