Members of the right-wing extremist scene use a sports facility in Berlin-Weißensee (Pankow) for martial arts training. “The Senate is aware that right-wing extremists have sporadically trained in the Rennbahn sports facility in Weißensee,” replied the Senate Department of the Interior, which includes the police and the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, to a left-wing request.

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According to the Senate, neo-Nazis are also said to have trained in martial arts in other places, but apparently there is no precise information on this. Right-wing extremists, including the youth organization of the NPD, reported regularly on martial arts training in various public places, but without naming them specifically, it said.

The Senate stated: “Martial arts in its various forms is part of the right-wing subculture.” Political messages cannot be conveyed as well as with music, but the combination of martial arts and a right-wing extremist ideology could “be the starting point for political violence and clashes on the street be”.