Twenty-third round of the Bundesliga began with a match in Munich. The leader and champion of Germany Bayern took occupying the last place “Paderborn”. The Bavarians made it difficult to win with the score 3:2.

Bayern beat his former goalkeeper Leopold Zingerle only in the middle of the first half. The transfer of Karantina Tolisso used Serge Gnabry. But shortly before the break, Dennis Srbine have used an error of defence of owners and has restored the balance.

Bayern tried to score the second goal, but the attacks of the champion lacked precision. 70 minute Robert Lewandowski used transmission Gnabry. But this hard-won advantage faded after 9 minutes. Sven Michel finished off the ball reflected Manuel Neuer. And yet the last word is left for Bayern. Again I’ve used Lewandowski pas Gnabry 3:2.

“Bavaria” has won 3:2 and 49 points leads the standings. “Paderborn” with 16 points and remains in last 18 games.