The world champion in football and former fiance of Pamela Anderson will continue his career in Russia

Beginner Russian Premier League “Sochi” was included in the application of world champion Adil Rami. 34-year-old will soon join the team.

Adil Rami, who won the 2018 world Cup in the national team of France, returned to Russia. As a player, “Sochi”. For a few minutes before the close of the winter transfer window “Sochi” was included in the application of the French Legionnaire. Adil Rami spent the first half of the season in Fenerbahce, but recently terminated the contract with the Turkish club.

Adil Rami played for French side Lille and Marseille, the Spanish “Valencia” and “Seville”, Italian “Milan” and Turkish “Fenerbahce”. On account of the Frenchman of Moroccan descent 35 games in the national team of France. Adil is also known as the ex-fiancĂ© of actress Pamela Anderson. The couple broke up before the wedding.