Of Leuven, Leuven, stories of the struggle to the CBD shops. That is, the so-called cannabiswinkels that sell products with a minimum amount of roesverwekkende of THC in it. Staff should not establish within a radius of 1 km around the school.

The city of Leuven, has, in the center, at present, only two of the CBD’s shops, in the vicinity of the school. In the Brusselsestraat and the UniQanna in the winkelwandelgedeelte of the Diestsestraat. There, they react very, very disappointed in the new rules. “It’s a shame to hear that, because so many of our clients have a real advantage in the use of CBD products on the market. In the minors we don’t have to, but there seems to have always been a lot of controversy around it. We’ve only been here for four months, but we’re really not in the mood for a cat-and-enmuisspelletje the city centre. One of them we have, by the way, is not an official communication is received”, is the response medezaakvoerder Jober reviews are unanimously positive. “If it be so, we have our choice, and we will go somewhere else. In Germany and Luxembourg, it may soon be as well. We have to grow the plants in Switzerland, where it is 1% of the THC is contained. We can look at it for yourself, to ensure that the allowable limit of 0.2% is never exceeded. It is to be regretted that we have already hit a wall yesterday.”


” Els Van Hoof, of ships, of Trade, is concerned about the set, the THC value of the products of some of the stores. “From the co-ordinated control of the actions of the police, the FAVV (the belgian Federal Agency for the Safety of the food Chain and the FPS public Health in the city’s CBD, shops, shows, that 1 in 5 of the attached products, high levels of THC that it contains. As we can see, that some of the stores, so that they can the use of cannabis to advocate for both the minors, like adults, with cannabissnoep, or spice, that makes us anxious. In addition, there is often not a guarantee, and be clear about the exact composition of the product,” says Van Hoof.

“We have to ensure that young people have to be up early roesmiddelen to use it, whether it’s tobacco, alcohol and cannabis, as well as because of the health risks. We want to prevent young people from ignorance, to buy products with a high THC content, or the step is illegal, cannabis is reduced. That is why we, as a city, with a clear line to draw,” says the mayor, Ridouani.Melbourne central business district-shops ” should, in the future, out of each other’s away. So, there must be at least 400 metres in each case sitting there.

Precautions to be taken

the Flower Factory, along with the Diestsesteenweg in Kessel-Lo, the doors are still open, but they all do have their safety precautions. “We know that they are in Mechelen, belgium is approximately of the same rules apply. That is why we have made sure that we were just outside of the mile of a school,” says Karel Leyssens. He hopes to present his case as soon as possible, to be open to do so. “Everything is ready, but we are still waiting for permission from the customs authorities. We are going to only be in the CBD on tobacco sales because of the oils, however, are still in a grey area to lie down.”

a New store that will be established will be both a business as an operating licence have to be. They will only be allowed to open, and after an urban search and after moraliteitsonderzoek in which, inter alia, violations of drug laws are being considered. For the two pre-existing to CBD-shops, in the center is a transitional period of up to six months.