Ypres It was the express wish of the brandweersergeant Jan Bouttry (52), from Ypres, an open day happening at his beloved station. Sunday is the day. “From our first sergeant to Jan, it was two years ago, the disease, IF identified, and it is going to all too soon go down with him. Normally we would keep this year’s open day, but especially for john, we do it all the same. The proceeds will go to the League,” says sergeant Jurgen Bauden, co-worker and friend Jan Bouttry. There are a lot of demonstrations and activities in the program.

by the End of 2017 Jan Bouttry the tough verdict to hear he is suffering from the muscle disease ALS. After 33 years as a firefighter had he forced them to stop. Also, his plumber, he had to be with the pain in my heart and memory. “He has been for the last two years on sick leave, but we will have him for a long time, do not forget. On the contrary, we will all miss him in our police force. He was one of our cornerstones. Jan, could you really have a lot to learn, both as an artist and as a human being. He also has a lot of lives have been saved, both as a diver and as a military commander during the intervention,” says sergeant Jurgen Bauden from the fire station to Veurne to us.

Rapid descent

“But it’s going to all too soon go down with him. To talk, swallow, and move around it starts it is very difficult to be made. At the last annual general meeting of our fire station gave out in Jan that he was happy to have a open day and had been at his beloved camp. Normally, the open house is only five years since the organization’s many on-the-ground features. But, as john would like, we are immediately in the next year. His wish for us to comply we are happy to be in. On Sunday the 22nd of september, the time has come,” said master sergeant Jürgen Bauden, who is on his back under the open put.


Previously organized by the fire-fighters of Ypres all as a charity under the umbrella of the Fire, For, Jan, and organised a range of activities as part of the Middle of the Week. “He was allowed to choose which charity we will have the revenue accessible. It was always the league, in order to study the disease and to provide support. During the open house on Sunday, it will have the proceeds go to the league again,” are going to Season any further. If there are any special badges made by Fire, For John’, which will be offered for sale to be.