In the process of the train accident in Buizingen has the attorney-general and Catherine Ramaekers, her claim was adjusted, the driver of the b-train involved in the accident, and was not a punishment, and more advanced for the man. Monday, the public prosecutor, with a term of imprisonment of 3 years, on one or more occasions at an advanced stage.

From the report of the gerechtsdeskundigen it appears that the driver of the b-train has passed a red signal will be driven, it would have been. The husband disputes this and calls for the acquittal, according to the prosecution, there is no reason for that conclusion by the experts to have second thoughts. Monday, attorney-general, Ramaekers is strictly displayed for the driver, on a lack of a sense of empathy, responsibility. “The light was red. That has been proven to be. In addition, there was a story to never take place not only for the victims,” was it more sharply on Monday. She was careful to go back on her words.

for example, If we have the NMBS / sncb and Infrabel are to be believed, everything was on the trail that day, in a Local safe, and the 19 victims, in the safety, were killed.

Public Prosecutor

See, also, According to civil parties, is the responsibility train accident Band with the NMBS / sncb, and Infrabel’s Not the greatest thing

“I was wrong”, said, the magistrates will for the replies. “I just had an image of him, on the basis of the case file, but that is, after the session of the previous week’s revised.” According to the representatives of the director, it may well be that the light was green. They took everything out of the closet to the courts in the future.“In addition, if the court is nevertheless convinced of the fact that it is slightly red, stood on it, then he should be acquitted of all charges in. In such cases, in which real people or legal entities, such as Infrabel, and the RAILWAY, a trial may be the only one punished for the mistake made. That is, it is not in the train”, spoke out in favour of the masters of the Béco, and Chomé.The case proved to be, on the basis of the abrupt change of the public prosecutor’s office to lie down. The magistrate, there remains, however, that the driver passed through a red signal, it is gone, but for now, the defense says, there is a need to consider the largest of these is at fault, the driver or the NMBS / sncb and Infrabel. The most error in the latter is the case, may order that the officer was still guilty of it to explain it, but the driver is not a punishment, more of these.

Infrabel and NMBS / sncb

Front, Infrabel and the sncb / NMBS, the public prosecutor’s office is still firm: “we have come to believe it was anything on the track that day in the Band are safe, and are made up of the nineteen victims to safety, lost their lives.” That’s why, for the NMBS / sncb and Infrabel, the claims are still the same, namely, that the maximum penalties. The RAILWAY is 700 000 fine for spoorwegbeheerder its mission to 650,000 euros boete.De the Brussels magistrate’s court will on december 3, a decision to comment on the train accident. That is, this afternoon I announced that, once all parties had arrived. The driver of the b-train, which is in the process of terechtstaat, he is the word. He expressed his respect and condolences to the families of the victims, but was that not a red signal that had been.