Nikolay Morozov, academician, became the oldest soldier in the Second world

Another 17/01/20 Nikolay Morozov, academician, became the oldest soldier in the Second world

In 1942, the Soviet academician Nikolai Sergeevich Morozov turned 88. Despite his advanced age scientist and succeeded in sending to the front, where he fought as a sniper. Academician Morozov is the oldest part of not only domestic but also world war II.

Revolutionary, prisoner academician

Nikolai Morozov was born in 1854. His father was a landowner Yaroslavl, Novgorod and the mother of the woman. Underachievement future academician expelled from the Moscow school, and he ranks in the populist group. Became interested in revolutionary activities and became one of the founders of the terrorist organization “Narodnaya Volya”. Moving abroad, where he met with Karl Marx.
In the illegal entry to Russia was arrested in 1882 for terrorism sentenced to life imprisonment. In 1905 he was released on Amnesty on freedom. Over the years spent in prison, Morozov learned a dozen languages, and wrote dozens of scientific works in chemistry, physics, aviation, philosophy, astronomy, Economics. After the liberation he was arrested several times, but left to chance at Amnesty. Only stayed for about 30 years.
After the revolution, criticized Lenin for his aggressiveness against the bourgeoisie and the complete nationalization of industry. Repression has not been, but was exiled to his estate in the village of Borki in the Yaroslavl region, where he continued his scientific work. At the initiative of Morozov in birky was formed the Institute of biology of inland waters, and Geophysical Observatory of the Academy of Sciences.

the Trick to a scientist

in 1939, 85-year-old academician went sniper courses osoaviahima, where she received excellent shooting skills. After the beginning of the great Patriotic war, Nikolai threw the Leningrad military enlistment letters with a request to send it to the front. Academician said that while the Nazis trampled the Soviet the earth, everyone must do their treasure in the common cause of victory. The Commissar he said he wants to take revenge on the enemy for killed in Leningrad women and children.
To achieve the goal the old man had to go to the trick. In the military he stated that he is working on a new telescopic sight, and it needs to be field tested optics. If in Leningrad scientist will not give permission, he will ask him to Moscow, from comrade Stalin himself. In the fall of 1942, the military leadership gave up, and due to the advanced age of the academician Morozov was sent to the Volkhov front for the period of one month.


In December 1942, Nikolai Morozov attached to one of the battalions holding the Fort on the Volkhov direction. The elderly scientist was surprised by the fighters for their courage and a confident handling of the rifle. 88-year-old scientist moved to positions without a stick and shoot accurately, despite the glasses, which are not removed. A few days Nikolai looked to the countryside and, finding a suitable position, lay in ambush.
After spending half a day in the snow, he aimed shot kills a German officer. A very old man with the soldiers sleeping in mud huts and hiding from attacks in the dugouts. The famous academician, who replaced warm office on a cold trench, come to see from the neighboring units. Fame has not prevented Nikolay Morozov to shoot some German soldiers. Interestingly, the academician studied in detail the trajectory of the bullet and always do your adjustments for humidity or wind.
After designated authorities the month ended scientists despite the protests sent to the rear. Several months later, he unsuccessfully demanded his return to the front. In 1944, academician Morozov was awarded the medal “For defense of Leningrad” and the order of Lenin. Died the oldest participant of the Second world war in the summer of 1946 at the age of 92 years.

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