History 17/01/20 “Fascist propaganda”: what Goebbels accused the fighters of the red Army

“the more monstrously the lie, the more likely will believe it” — says one of the points made by Adolf Hitler in “Mein Kampf”. This thesis is readily followed by German propagandists, the main rule of which was the famous commandment of Joseph Goebbels: “We seek not truth, but effect.”

Indeed, the performance impact is little that can compare with the Nazi propaganda machine. During offensive operations, she drove the soldiers forward and have motivated ordinary citizens to endure hardship in the name of the front. When he had to defend – awakened in the Germans towards the enemy the most disgusting feelings: hate, anger, contempt. And fear. This was highlighted in 1944, when Soviet soldiers began to clear the Nazis of Europe and, slowly but surely to get to Berlin. Then published at the behest of Berlin Newspapers have become easy to demonize the red Army soldiers.

words will not come back

German Newspapers, especially the occupation, was compiled approximately one sample. The last pages were given under the reports on cultural life and is, in the middle of critical essays on Soviet power, the stories of “new life.” But most importantly was on the front side, there were the official reports of the German authorities and news about the situation at the front.

Content for most Newspapers, of course, were developed in a specially designed press office. And is it any wonder that in different editions could be printed in virtually the same article.

there were differences. For example, Anatoly MacReady, collaborator, during the war, editor of the newspaper “For the Motherland”, recalled that in a subordinate command of the Wehrmacht, the media could promote the movement of General Vlasov. At the same time, the mention of a defector controlled by Goebbels “The new Word” was forbidden.

But this is only particular. In General, the information policy was under the control of the Minister of propaganda. And he never really complained of Soviet soldiers, even in his diaries. In the Newspapers one could see texts like: “…in fact, in the face of Soviet soldiers, we are dealing with Prairie scum. This is confirmed received by us from the Eastern areas of information about the atrocities”.

Then, as a rule, was a “documentary” on the details of these atrocities. Often about rapes, robberies and looting. Goebbels, for example, argued that “in some villages and towns countless raped all the women from ten to 70 years.” And after gladly stated: “Published reports of Soviet atrocities there were widespread anger and thirst for revenge.”

of Course, the disseminated information could not cause the Germans nothing but hatred, fear and burning desire to get even. This is what had the Nazi authorities – to ensure that even the idea of Soviet soldiers on German soil disgusted.

However, the German propagandists a little overzealous. “Our propaganda about Russians and what the public should expect from them in Berlin, was so successful that we have brought the Berliners to the state of extreme terror, but overdone — our propaganda ricocheted and hit us themselves,” later emphasized the assistant to the Reichskommissar Dr. Goebbels, Werner Naumann.

“Ricochet” came the unexpected – instead of fire in his eyes and the desire to protect your home even with a pitchfork in his hands, the Third Reich faced a massive wave of suicides. As testified by the Australian war correspondent Osmar white, according to some only may-June, 1945, when the Russians were quite close, from 30 to 40 thousand Berliners decided to commit suicide.

what really?

“it Seems that this was done on orders from above, as in the behavior of the Soviet soldiery can be seen as an explicit system,” wrote GEbells about the “atrocities” of the Soviet soldiers.

In practice, no system and could not be. Quite the opposite: realizing that the atrocities of the Nazis on Soviet soil could trigger retaliatory atrocities on the ground the German, the Soviet leadership tried maximum to strengthen discipline in the red Army. 19 January 1945 Stalin signed an order declaring the violence and atrocities against civilians of the criminal and giving them the death penalty.

of Course, even the threat of execution did not act at all. But in General, according to eyewitnesses, it was enough to avoid mass crimes. However, our contemporaries start in full engage in the refutation of this – for example, the light will be dedicated to this issue the book of Anthony Beevor “the Fall of Berlin. 1945” or the acclaimed BBC article with a loud title “Rape of Berlin”. But that is another information war.

Ivan Resepi

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