Natural meat and compliance: shopping network to sell Belarusian sausage at producer prices

in June the network of shops “Belarusian products” is action: the cooked sausage and sausage factory “Indofood” (Brest) sell at factory prices.

• Amateur boiled — 330 RUB/kg

the Elite• boiled — 330 RUB./kg.

• Sausage doctoral — 319 rubles/kg.

• Sausages — 319 rubles/kg.

And when buying any goods for 500 rubles — chocolate as a gift.*

All food produced in the Republic of Belarus, cause pleasure and joy of life that filled every family dinner, lunch with friends or Breakfast alone.

the city’s residents have long loved Belarusian products and continue to try, to wonder, to experiment, to enjoy, to celebrate, to fall in love with the web “Belarusian products.”