Dilbeek, Remco Evenepoel has Schepdaal – we – look at it upside-down. Dozens of supporters came out Wednesday to look at the silver, individual time trial, of their darling. After the execution, everyone was talking about it: “He has exceeded our wildest dreams”, what it sounds like.

Place of meeting was in a café in The Rustberg the Scheestraat. The father of Jeannine Massagé was on a Wednesday afternoon (!) jam-packed full of. For the occasion, were die-hard supporters of their hero and watch it on the big screen in a special room. A small delegation, along with the families of the Evenepoel, is present on the route in Yorkshire. They left Wednesday morning at the airport of Charleroi, and even in the road race, on Sunday to attend. Every fan was hoping for a new title of ” the Cannibal of Schepdaal, and that’s when his trial began, came a loud applause from the los. A few minutes, it looked good for the 19-year-old, highly talented, but the Australian, Rohan Dennis was in a class is too strong.

Brilliant season,

For a lot of supporters, it was nail biting, but the gold medal was just not into it. But the fun certainly does not spoil. For the fans, this silver paste is equal amount of gold. “This is an excellent achievement,” says a supporter of Clive, who, for a whole afternoon, eyes glued to the screen was. “Everyone had been hoping for a gold medal, but at his age is incredible. He had nothing more to prove. The victory was, perhaps, too far-fetched, but Sunday is a new course. Why not? He is sure to have a chance. I do, however, have a bit of a fear that competitors will see him in the eye and going to keep it. But then, what does it matter? He is a wonderful season.”

do Not despair,

No more talk of disappointment in the café of The Rustberg. The fans are obviously proud of their poulain. This coming Sunday, there will again be a large screen to be set up. “But first, let’s enjoy it,” says a supporter Present. “This is the performance I totally did not expect it to. I was thinking that a list of the top 10 and the highest was the. That’s a cop again in his sleeve, shaking it, is really a punishment. He is the best Belgian ever, in the world championships time trial. No one has given him that have ever been… And that, to his or her age. One is a drink. It will probably be there that will be more than one.” The beer was, indeed, rich in the café of The Rustberg. Schepdaal is once again at a party.