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The next game will be in Belgium to be issued by the company and the Group of 24, but they have strict instructions from the Us spelgigant Decision to follow it. The result is that, as already known, was that the statue of Manneken Pis in Brussels, Monopoly version the bottom is wearing. “In it, they were adamant in the Decision,” says Peter De Wulf, managing director of the Group of 24. ‘It would appear that they are in America, what a prudish, although we saw them and had to try to explain to them that the Manneken Pis statue is a national monument. We have had some downturn of the trustees of the costumes of the Manneken Pis, as we have none of the traditional costumes of the place chosen. However, with this swimsuit you’ll get, at least, the greater part of the image in the original to see it. To make up for it, we will, as a pair of shorts as a gift to the kostuumcollectie.”