The Us president, when He has to, Ukrainian president Volodimir Zelenski, during a phone conversation, asked to investigate whether or not the former vice-president, Joe Biden, a break allowed to an investigation of a company in which his son, Hunter, was working. According to a summary of the telephone conversation, the White House today, the public has been made. Read the declassified transcript, at the bottom.

It’s a 30-minute telephone conversation that took place after He and the order had been given to 391,5 million dollars in aid to Ukraine bevriezen.De US to give military aid to the Ukraine since the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014. The money, which He on hold for a left turn was made and approved by the Congress to help Ukraine in dealing with the Russian separatists in the eastern part of the country.

it is Problematic that He, during the same speech by a foreign leader, asked for a study to set up a political rival. Early the next morning, he Zelenski in order to work on the investigation of special prosecutor Robert Mueller to be the potential of Russian intervention in the Us elections. Also, wanted to Trump his own personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani is the case, it would interfere with this.
Ask for help

The talk starts with a bewieroking on both sides. Can I apply for Home Zelenski for him “a fun-to-do,” and “the situation in Ukraine to try it out. In addition, it refers to CrowdStrike, the company that was set up in order to the name of the server on the Democrats to investigate the election in 2016. “I think you’re one of the rich people have a… The server… the thing is that in the Ukraine.” He is referring to the investigation by Robert Mueller: “that is all nonsense,” as he puts it. He will have his own personal lawyer, Rudi Giuliani, and the minister of Justice, to William Barr, contact the Ukraine, to bring the case to figure out, ” he continues.

“the other thing”, is Home to the city. “There’s been a lot of talk about the range of plant’s son, that the Offer of the prosecution, ordered to stop, and a lot of people want to know more about what you can do with the prosecutor’s office, it would be great to have”, go Home to progress further. “Biden was the boast that he and the prosecution is ordered to stop, so as you can see… It seems to me to be terrible,” said the Us president. He is also very enthusiastic about the public prosecutor’s office in Ukraine and was impeached because he was accused of corruption in the country. In the united states, but also in France, it would have been at the time in Ukraine is called for.

Zelenski, it promises to help: “Since we have the absolute majority in the parliament, the public prosecutor’s office for 100% of my candidates who will be approved by the parliament, and in september the public prosecutor’s office to start. He or she may be the situation, try it out, the answer to the Ukrainian president.