Ludmila Babkova: how after the war he went with his mistress of Joseph Goebbels

Biography 23/01/20 Ludmila Babkova: after the war did the mistress of Goebbels

Beauty Ludmila Babkova, which has gained immense popularity in the German cinema, did not leave indifferent even Hitler. However, the fact that Babkova wanted to take the Joseph Goebbels of the family, the Fuehrer will not forgive her. The actress was in disgrace, and after the war she did threatened death sentence for the relationship with the Nazis.

Career in Germany and an affair with Goebbels

Ludmila Babkova was born in 1914 in Prague. Her mother was also an actress, so her choice of future profession did not surprise anyone. To 20 years she lived in the Czech Republic, studied acting and played in the theater. However, in 1934 Ludmila Babkova, which became better known to his fans under the pseudonym of Lida Baarova, received an invitation from the German film Studio UFA and moved to Germany. Nikolay says: in his book “100 great mysteries of the Second world war” wrote that the shooting of the first film “Barcarole” Baarova was presented to Hitler.

a Young and attractive actress attracted a lot of sympathy for the Fuhrer. But, as it turned out, did not remain indifferent to the beauty Baroway and Joseph Goebbels. Between the main German advocate and actress broke novel. Goebbels wanted to divorce for the sake of the leads with my wife. However, as rightly pointed out in the book “Hitler vs Stalin” Leonid Mlechin, by the time Goebbels has turned his family into a model of the ideal unit of society. Goebbels ‘ wife was the epitome of the perfect mother. She was awarded a large German Cross for motherhood.

the Rage of Hitler and the arrest of the collaboration

Hitler could not afford loving Goebbels to destroy a demonstration model of Nazi family. Especially since the führer was the godfather of children of the head of Department of propaganda. Therefore (and this fact is confirmed by Boguslaw Drewniak, author of “Cinematograf the Third Reich”) at the insistence of Adolf Hitler the relationship between Joseph Goebbels and Lida Baroway was discontinued. Right after the Fuhrer found out about the affair once a model father of a family, she immediately fell out of favour. The contract with her was broken off the movies with her participation – removed from the screens and the actress was sent back to Prague.

In the Czech Republic Baarova some time was filmed in Italian and Spanish studios, and has appeared regularly on the German stage. But to return to her former glory and failed. And after the Second world war, the former mistress of Goebbels and was arrested. If you believe Nikolai Platoshkin, author of the book “Spring and autumn Czechoslovak socialism”, in 1945, Ludmila Babkova was sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment for collaboration. This lenient sentence was due to the fact that the actress was able to prove that he worked in Germany before the war.

Marriages of the former mistress of a Nazi

Say, a role in the release of Lida Baroway played Jan Kopecky, who was an ardent admirer of the actress, and “combination” – and the nephew of the Czech Minister of information Vaclav Kopecky. However, Nikolai Platoshkin, clarified that, according to the Minister, between him and Jan no kinship existed. Anyway, after Lyudmila was released, she became the lawful wife of Jan Kopecky. At first, they lived on what they earned in their own puppet theatre. But the attitude of countrymen to Baroway continued to be ambiguous. So after a few months, newly-married couples emigrated to Austria.

It was in Salzburg, Austria first marriage Baroway and failed. Anna Maria Sigmund, author of the book “Wives of the Nazis,” says Lyudmila divorced Kopetsky and married gynecologist Kurt Lundwall. Together they lived happily until 1980, while Lindwall died. After the death of her husband, the actress was embarrassed. But she found a way out from this situation: in 1995, wrote tothe book of memoirs under the title “the Sweet bitterness of my life”, which was first admitted to an affair with Goebbels. Five years later, Lida Baarova died.

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