What population centers of the Soviet Union completely destroyed the Nazi executioners

History 23/01/20 Which settlements of the Soviet Union completely destroyed the Nazi executioners

One of the forms of Nazi policy of genocide and scorched-earth on occupied Soviet territory was the destruction of settlements, most often with their inhabitants. In the book “the Destruction of towns and villages in Europe during the Second world war” edited by V. I. Zabarovsky we can read that around the USSR, the Germans destroyed 1710 cities and more than 70 thousand villages and villages. Only a few of them managed to rise from the ashes.


according to the compilers of the publication “Burned villages of Russia” N. In. Kirillova and V. D. Selemeneva, one of the first destroyed by the invaders of the villages was the village of Hatsune Verhoyanskogo village Council of the Karachai district of the Bryansk region. In late October 1941, a few soldiers coming out from the environment, attacked three German soldiers who escorted the six Soviet prisoners. The next day, the executioners shot Hazani residents and neighbouring settlements, and refugees from Bryansk. Just 318 people. In 1942, Hatsune was burned to the ground. However, the village is once erased from the face of earth, still appears on maps. As of 2012 there were 8 people.

After an arson by the Germans in February 1944, the village of Jelica mountain Novgorod region there is not a single house. All in all, in the Novgorod district, according to T. A. Dan’ko and S. F. Vitushkin, authors of the book “nothing is forgotten”, was destroyed 96 villages. And in the Leningrad region, the Germans completely wiped off the face of the earth about 3 thousand villages. So to list all the affected items is not possible. A study of the Nazi punitive operations on the territory of Russia is still in its infancy. According to Kirillova and Selemeneva, in our country there is still no database that takes into account the burned village.


Oneto Belarus and Ukraine such bases exist. According to the information from the book “Soviet Ukraine during the great Patriotic war, 1941-1945” (by Vasyl Yurchuk, Dmitry Grigorovich), the German invaders during the occupation of Ukraine in the period of his retreat completely destroyed 61 locality with number of households 9737. According to Petro Shelest in the book “lest ye be judged”, the Nazis razed the village yeline Shchors district, Chernihiv region. During the war almost all the inhabitants yeline was engaged in guerrilla activities.

Ukrainian village Koryukovka, too, was famous for his guerrilla movement. In March 1943 the German punitive squad surrounded him. Approval Anatoly Kurochkin, the author of the book “Yuriy Ivanovich Maksyuta”, under the orders of General Heusinger town was set ablaze, and its inhabitants exterminated – more than 7,000 people. In total, burned down in 1390 houses. Kurochkin said that the tragedy in Irkutsk was the largest mass massacre of the civilians in the entire history of the Second world war.


Not the greatest, but the most famous Belarusian village destroyed by death squads, is Khatyn. Korobkina T. writes in the book “Belarus”, in March 1943, units of the SS Sonderkommando “Dirlewanger” in response to the murder of captain Hans welke, the perfect local guerrillas took the village in the ring. All 149 residents were herded into the shed and set ablaze. Those who tried to escape, the Germans ruthlessly shot. She also Khatyn was burned. In 1969 there where once was located the village, was organized by the memorial complex.

disappeared and the village of Borki, Vileika district, Minsk region. In may 1942, with its inhabitants massacred punitive. Managed to survive only one teenager. In January 1943, during the punitive operations “Jacob” invaders wiped off the face of the earth village Letavec, also located in Minsk region. All in all, on the territory of Belarus, as pointed out by Boris Dolgotovich, ABtor of the book “Belarus in the great Patriotic war: questions and answers”, the Germans burned and destroyed 9200 Belarusian towns and villages.

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