The pogroms in the Ukraine: what really killed Petliura

History 23/01/20 Pogroms in Ukraine: what really killed Petliura

In the present Ukraine along with Stepan Bandera a “founding father” of statehood is considered “left-nationalist” Simon Petlyura. However, outside the Square the name of the chieftain is often associated with the bloody atrocities in retribution for the Petliura was assassinated a few years after the Civil war.

Bullets Schwartzbard

In the years 1919-1921 troops subordinate to the President of the directory of Ukrainian people’s Republic Simon Petliura, controlled considerable territory, mainly on the right Bank of the Dnieper.

the Issue of crimes committed by Petliura, was put on trial in Paris. It is here that the donkey is their homeland, Petliura, and here may 25, 1926, he found death at the hands of Samuel Schwartzbard. The killer shot five times in Ukrainian politics on the street.

“That’s for Jewish blood!”– exclaimed the shooter, surrounded by a crowd of shocked Parisians.

Schwartzbard was arrested by the French police, which actually saved him from immediate violence on the part of citizens. Explaining the reasons for its action, the Jew said that revenge “Ukrainian General who headed the army of the barbarians” for his family who were killed in Ukraine.

the Pogroms in the Ukraine

According to historians, from 1917 to 1921 in the territories controlled by Petliurists, occurred 2000 riots, which affected 700 Jewish settlements.

Only in the winter of 1919, the Red cross counted 50 thousand killed in the riots in the UPR. Among the dead were 15 relatives of Samuel Schwartzbard. Usually the population of a Jewish town at first demanded to pay a ransom, and if the residents couldn’t do the Ukrainians used the weapon.

According to the testimony of nurses Khai Greenberg, the rioters killed Jews, calling out the name of Petlura.

“Petlura could have stopped it, but he’s not hapShal our prayers,” said she.
At the trial in Paris, the supporters of Petliura led two hundred documents are pointing to the fact that the leader of the UNR decried the anti-Semitism that spread among his soldiers. However, Petliura had only wishes openly to quarrel with his troops ataman did not want about what he said, for example, replying to the representatives of the Jewish delegations at the station Makeevka. Obviously, riots, accompanied by looting, was allowed to improve the financial position of the fighters Directory. Permitted the rape of Jewish women also raised the morale of the Ukrainians, who during the Civil war had hard times.

Even if Petlura, according to some modern Ukrainian historians, personally, did not organize pogroms, his fault, at least, is weak control over the actions of their warriors.

In cases when the head of the Ukrainian government staged show trials of the perpetrators of the atrocity, it was nothing more than a hoax. For example, according to one version, contrary to his order to shoot Petlura was released from custody ataman Ivan Semenenko, Haydamaky, which killed 1,200 people in Proskurovo (now Khmelnitsky). During the massacre, the Ukrainians cut the Jews with their swords, and threw their grenades at home.

the court in Paris the facts of this kind persuaded the jury to the side of Samuel Schwartzbard. Despite the clear evidence of a murder that happened in front of witnesses in the centre of the French capital, Jewish avenger was acquitted.


Among the Ukrainian nationalists, the memory of Petlyura pogroms persisted for many years. For example, the mass murder of Jews in Lviv, which occurred July 25, 1941, the fighters of the OUN (banned in Russia) dubbed the “sacred revenge” for the murder of Petlura. Two days in the city killed 2 thousands of Jews – their vacant apartments occupied Ukrainian “militiamen”, which operated in conjunction with the Nazis. In other cities of Galicia in those days were also held counterpartscnye “promotions in honor of Petlyura”, the total number of victims amounted to about 24 thousand people.

Note that after 1991 in Ukraine was established several monuments to Petlyura, and in Israel the streets of several cities named in honor of Samuel Svalbard.

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