The inhabitants of a French municipality on the Atlantic coast, a remarkable new municipal rules given. They should be in a week, and be obliged to laugh, and be merry. And that’s not the only one. “All the music, films and books, and a sad end being banned.”

this is stated in the decree that has been issued by the mayor of His Riffaud of the Essarts-of-the-Bocage, in the Loire region of france. “All residents should have their joy in the free life,’ states the decree.

The measures are to apply from 5th to 11th of October.“It is a very, very serious,’ says the mayor, Riffaud. “We’ll keep it for the week, a cultural festival that will be full of joy. That’s what we do this year for the first time. With this decree, we make this festival official, we wish for the joy of an official record of the week.’

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France, it is not known as a country of cheerful French. The daily newspaper Le Parisien wrote about ” the most depressed country in the world. In international studies of happiness is to end up with the French at the lowest possible levels.

“We want to get rid of the pessimism, the pessimism,’ said Riffaud his decree. However, in the text, it sounds decent with a nod and a wink by it. It was a decision that would be based on “The code of Joy” and is based on the identification that negative emotions can spread quickly and caused havoc’.
the Complainants, and zuurpruimen unwanted

all The inhabitants of the Essarts-of-the-Bocage will be required three times a day to laugh every day for 10 or more people, to smile, and each and every day, from 8 o’clock in the morning until 22 o’clock in the evening in a good mood, too.

Opponents, and more. “Everyone, that is, the expression of glee does will be on us territory and be refused entry,’ according to the article 2 of the act. “The evil people of the complainants, and zuurpruimen will be required to make their chagrijn out of the city with them’, stated in article 3.

a Mayor Riffaud to let you know that there will be no fines will be handed out to the zwartkijkers. “Not yet, not this year at least. We want to give our citizens, especially áánmoedigen be happy.’