Uci road world Championships (Granted, it 9u40 is so early in the morning. But, hey, you do not complain. Be the first to wedstrijduren of the pro world CHAMPIONSHIP will deliver on Sunday, stunning the television on. Thanks to the work of the Yorkshire Dales. A wonderful, clean, unspoilt piece of nature. One of the potential party pooper: the predicted heavy rain.

family-run, turn to the right after a 31,4 km). This is where it all begins. The riders will be there, perhaps a little attention to this, and give it to your rich living. One hundred miles long, is one long drawn-out features in the green, rugged landscape of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, a Unesco world heritage site in 1989. It is a narrow path, in some places only one car wide winds its way through tight turns, along with the typical dry-stone walls, little rivers, hundreds of sheep pastures, and numerous farms and barns. Now and again there are real ‘bunny hop’ and ‘ the course of our exploration, there were sheep on the road. We hope that on the day of the world cup is safe to be taken.

The less than 183,2 km-long aanlooproute also has three officially catalogued slopes, even though it is the very question as to whether the Mad (which is 3.9 miles, with 4.3% on average and a maximum of 9.1%) — well-known from the openingsetappe of the Tour in 2014, the Buttertubs (5,7 km), decreased by 5.2%, on average, the peak of 9.1%), and Grinton Moor, 4 miles, or 5.3%, on average, up by 8.9%) in the early stages of the regenboograce (total distance: 280 km) all the critical discharge that will take care of. A lot of it will depend on the weather. The winds in the open plains, game, and in that sense, it is a (tiring) part. There is also a little bit of rain is predicted. Would be a waste of time, it would be in this case. If its raining then still need to open up: do it, but in the seven local laps of 13.8 km). Save the Dales, there is also the sad sight, which each and every wonder of nature, here on earth, and in the rainy conditions, it is to be short-lived.

Pictures of Yorkshire: