Think the Winny Suffys, a 25-year-long Coiffure Sublime is in the Kortrijkstraat in a Think ran from a Friday to see the new range of Monacovrouwen to FIVE years old. About eight years ago, she’s Mean and she started to love the glamour of Monaco, since it leads to a prinsessenleven. “You’re going to be the real, genuine, cheerful and fun-loving Winny to get to know,” says Winny.

from the program Monacovrouwen the luxeleven of four years of women in Canada. It is very reminiscent of the Flemish Hollywoodvrouwen, it’s a program on tv which Astrid Bryan at the time bekendraakte.De Meense Winny Suffys, is just one of them. Zevolgde love to Monaco, where she is now in her home, looking out at the bay. It was a lot of fun to do. We are all different. To me, you will see a lot of shopping,” laughs the Winny last year at Shoppingqueens with the Final FIVE. “I was the one winner. After that, they wanted to be very happy to have a program with me. Thus was born the idea for the Monacovrouwen. I meegezocht to the candidates, which is not that easy though, as Monaco is a gated community. However, we managed to have four candidates to find one that look like their luxeleven here. That is what it is, however, well, I was lead here for a prinsessenleven.”


do the Winny for more than its high-end boutiques use a protein skimmer, and on the beach. “Two days a week I work in a fashion boutique,” says Winny. “My husband, Vincent, was the first to really get angry about. He said he wanted to, that I often was able to relax and enjoy it, but I have had since I was eighteen, an independent hair dresser. I did that with a lot of passion, and the love and the drive to give all my time to it. I will have to anyway, it is something that could be done. How glamorous my life is, here in chicago, too, and I’ll do the laundry and the pool itself. Well, that was a shock for Vincent. ‘It has now never had a woman in front of me, ” he said.” Winny is also seeking its own water, the Winnynaise on the market. “It’s a healthy version of mayonnaise with much less fat. I already have a patent on the recipe, taken after the business was in a French tv show, it’s on the market, it would be great.”