In Mechelen, The Wildlife Intervention Team and a veterinarian in Patrick De Smedt last weekend for a buck-caught in the Campus Caputsteen in the Year. The animal was at the start of the summer holidays, the schooldomein.

It was not an easy feat to get the animal to catch it. “The animals ran to first go to the entrance of the nursery, Stu, and especially britain. For the sake of the many, many residents that are out there on the street watching, it was not possible to secure a verdovingspijl to take him out. It ran down to the playground and sought refuge in the parking lot of the school. They don’t, it will be included with nadarhekken. Or so we thought. The reebokje was able to escape and eventually ended up on the side of the GO! primary school, secondary School surrounded and stunned,” says Katie, Steemans, director of the van Busleyden high school campus Caputsteen.

sudden cardiac Arrest

is The anesthesia is required because of reebokjes of the fear of a cardiac arrest be able to get it. The search and rescue mission comes to an end a stay of over two months of on-campus Caputsteen. “It’s reebokje was already stuck in between the bars of the auto-campuspoort. Even in the hustle and bustle that is the return of the students to come with it, made the most of our green campusdomein not to be put to good use”, said Steemans. “However, due to the size of the property knew of the animal, and is always hiding, so it’s hard for me to chase.”

After the first time, an official nature, and dierenverenigingen to have the first time, he eventually took his four volunteers from the Wildlife Intervention Team of the operation in and of itself. Veterinary surgeon Patrick De Smedt from the Animalcare in Erps-Kwerps was to them, voluntarily at that. The reebokje it was released in a pasture in the vicinity of the Emergency.