In Yegoryevsk caught the thieves, who left training aircraft without the important details

In Moscow detained suspects in a series of thefts of spare parts from passenger aircraft Yak-42 and Tu-154. The criminals had stolen them from the territory of the training base in Russia. The damage amounted to more than a million rubles. But much greater damage was done to the training activities. The thieves took out the control units of the aircraft actually making the equipment useless in the layouts.

Classes in Yegoryevsk aviation technical College, now held mainly in the classroom. Practice on a training aircraft had to be temporarily discontinued. With a passenger the Yak-42 and Tu-154, which here train future engineers, was kidnapped by unknown navigational instruments and entire control units.

“We have received very great damage, as these aircraft were not tutorial, but just a layout”, — says Sergey Kocherov, teacher egoryevsky aviation technical College of civil aviation.

On the black market such aircraft spare parts worth millions of rubles. The investigators suggested that the thieves would return. At the training base of the College decided to ambush. Waited a few days.

“For detention of the alleged offenders were a special group. As a result of operational-search activities the malefactors were detained at the time of regular theft,” — said Tatiana Petrova, head of the press service GU MVD of Russia in Moscow region.

Two residents of Voskresensky area (one of them has previously been convicted of theft) admitted that four times in the night, penetrated into the territory of the egoryevsky aviation training complex and rented expensive equipment and components from aircraft that were in the school workshop or on the runway. Sell was taken to Moscow. Exactly who, still silent.

a Preliminary damage amounted to more than a million rubles. But the final amount could be much greater. Detainees now, investigators are working. It is possible that these same people were involved in the theft of avidely and other discibnyh institutions.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”