Stolypin's assassin: who really was Dmitry Bogrov

History 20/02/20 Killer of Stolypin: what was Dmitry Bogrov

Mordko (Mordechai) Hershkowitz (real name Dmitry Bogrov) was both an anarchist and a Russian agent of the tsarist secret police. Russian anarchists after hanging Bogrov-the Hershkowitz long gossiped about his work in the security Department. Bogrov himself in his recent testimony, not only confessed to collaboration with the secret police, but passed all the friends of the anarchists, whom they could.

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Mordechai Hershkowitz was from a wealthy Jewish family (his father, the landlord had a half-million income). After graduating from the Kiev gymnasium, he studied jurisprudence in Munich, where he became acquainted with the writings of the apologists of anarchism of Peter Kropotkin and max Stirner and imbued them. On his return from Munich 19-year-old Mordechai-Dmitry continued his education at Kiev University and at the same time became a member of a local anarcho-Communist group. Historians, literally a few months later, Dmitry Bogrov was also a paid informer of the tsarist secret police (the Kiev secret police). It is believed that he (the agent kapustyasky) almost immediately took him to the police almost all the main members of the Kiev anarchist-Communist group, led by Henry of Sandomierz and Nahum Tisch. All this happened in 1906.

Why is it needed

About the cause of the betrayal Bogrov then many talked themselves monarchists. Brother Mordecai-Dmitry Vladimir argued that the future assassin of Stolypin took this step not because of materialistic reasons (the informer of the secret police paid for 150 rubles a month) and not out of a desire to betray his allies, he alleged, by their actions, wanted to emphasize the imperfection of the autocracy as a system (to break it down, so to speak, from the inside).

Bogrov served as an assistant attorney. For some time he continued to cooperate with the secret police because the anarchists nachAli to suspect him of duplicity. Financial problems he’s ever had and could always rely on parental assistance. Judging from the letters, tossing in quest of application of the forces Bogrov-Gerstein, it was devastating deadly longing for something unfulfilled, and certainly heroic, what he must do.

In early September, Mordechai-Dmitry wrote mom and dad a farewell letter-Testament in which he admitted that his life is in any case would have ended as soon will happen.

There are different opinions about who and how was preparing an attempt on Pyotr Stolypin at the Kiev Opera house, but on the basis of the statement of the Bogrov (he published), it was his personal initiative and spontaneous.

Who was allowed into the theatre, where he was Stolypin

it is well Documented that 1 Sep 1911 pass to Dmitry Bogrov to visit the Kyiv Opera house was discharged personally by the chief of the Kiev secret police Nikolai Kulyabko, with the consent of the Minister of internal Affairs Pavel Kurlov and with the consent of the chief of Palace Security commandant Alexander Spiridovich. In the theater of the Browning Bogrov shot the President of the Council of Ministers Pyotr Stolypin, fatally wounding him. Stolypin died a few days later. Hide Mordechai Hershkowitz wasn’t trying, he was seized on the spot. It was the eleventh attempt on Stolypin.

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Bogrov-Gerstein hanged 12 days after the assassination of Stolypin on Bald hill in Kyiv. A preliminary judicial investigation in the case was imminent. However, none of the key persons of the tsarist secret police, are somehow involved in the assassination, was seriously injured. The head of the Kiev secret police Nikolai Kulyabko was removed from office and has been arrested a few months (pardoned personally by Nicholas II). The other officials involved did not suffer any punishment.

Bogrove Gerstein knew what awaits him, but in questioning, before his death, reported the possible place of residence he knew anarchists and reported in detail on where installed equipment illegal organization and its caches of weapons.

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