Alexander buchyn: told about Marshal Zhukov is his personal chauffeur

History 20/02/20 Alexander buchyn: told about Marshal Zhukov is his personal chauffeur

Together with Georgy Zhukov, Alexander buchyn went through the war. Together they dashed over 170 thousand kilometers. All this time, bugs and buchyn not actually parted. Therefore, the memories of the personal chauffeur of the Marshal to cause such a huge interest among historians.

Hereditary chauffeur

Alexander buchyn was born in 1917 in Moscow in the family of a professional driver. According to Yevgeny Artyukhov in his book “Division Dzerzhinsky”, the Florence senior was able to drive the cars of all brands, participated in races and rallies. It is therefore not surprising that his son first sat behind the wheel in 12 years of age. Thanks to this circumstance by the time of the call to military service behind Buchina was already impressive driving experience. But because of the division named after Dzerzhinsky young man was the driver.

Alexander buchyn, like his father, actively participated and won in many competitions of the Moscow military district. It was immediately noticed and was entrusted to carry the division commander Artemyev. At the beginning of the great Patriotic war, in the autumn of 1941 buchyn stopped on the road in order to help his colleague, who was tinkering with a stalled car. Suddenly the car left General Georgy Zhukov and immediately offered Alexander to be his personal driver.

At the front line the roads

Since then, Alexander buchyn and Georgy Zhukov did not actually break up. Together, they overcame more than 170 thousand kilometres of front roads, and without a single accident. In General, as recalled buchyn, beetles loved to ride with the wind, but always just in case. According to a driver, Marshal, in the publication of Vladimir Dinesa “beetles. Born to win”, he and Zhukov was wound on dusty roads all day, often under an open fire. As told Alexander, then the face of Georgi KonstantinovICHA, covered with dust, it was more like the face of a black African.

nevertheless relax Zhukov refused: I washed my face and demanded to race on. It is noteworthy that buchyn claimed that the commander gave the orders calmly and never used profanity. Moreover, despite the age difference, Georgy always called her chauffeur you and my name. According to Andrew Zharikova, author of the book “of beetles. Marshal of the Victory”, once the security guard called Bučina name. Bugs snapped: “Not Sasha, and Lieutenant buchyn”.

the women

attentive Zhukov and women. At least so claimed Alexander buchyn. Once on the Kursk commander, seeing the girl alone Bradshaw on the field, told the driver to stop and drive her home. However, Zhukov was able to upset the lady. So, Leonid Mlechin, in his book “Dynasties, clans and families of Russia” writes that the beetles often brought to tears front his friend, a paramedic Zakharov. But, according to Buccini, Zakharova was shy and did not tolerate nonsense, so the soldiers ‘ jokes Georgy so easily brought her to tears.

However, for the opposite sex of beetles was really concerned. According to Oleg Smyslov, the author of the book “Love all the titles humble”, referring to the memories of Alexander Buchina, after the end of the war in Berlin, which at the time was the beetles, artists came from Kyiv. Marshall invited a single artist to go for a ride on a motor boat. They have not returned, and buchyn together with colleagues were worried about the bugs didn’t break.

After winning

In the days after the victory, held in Berlin, especially remembered Alexander Buchino. As he wrote himself buchyn in his memoirs, “170000 kilometers Zhukov”, Georgy Zhukov inspecting the ruined Reich Chancellery, said: “the Building is bad, dark, and plans, plotting here, and worse”. The Marshal, like many, left your avtorthe RAF on the wall of the Reichstag. Then he with difficulty found for its signature free space. This time around, as always, was Alexander buchyn.

However, after Zhukov was in disgrace, chauffeur separated from him. But buchyn profession left. He got a job at the Sovtransavto and carrier international flights a huge avtosalony. If you believe Vasily Peskov, Alexander worked as a trucker even when he was well over 60. On the question of whether it was hard for him at this age to overcome many kilometers distance buchyn replied with a smile, “Hardened”.

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