How in Soviet Russia came from relatives of Simon Petlyura

History 24/01/20 How in Soviet Russia came from relatives of Simon Petlyura

head of the Directory of Ukrainian people’s Republic Symon Petliura, fled abroad in 1921, left on Soviet territory relatives – sisters and nephews. In the era of NEP they are relatively easy lived in the Soviet Union, but that all changed in Stalin’s time.

return home

Simon Petlyura came from a middle-class, his father’s house, the owner izvesnog enterprises located on the outskirts of Poltava, in the village Pavlenky. In the family were born 12 children, three of whom died in childhood. Elder brother and two sisters Petliura did not live to see the end of the Civil war, some went into exile together with his famous relative. In the Soviet Ukraine were sister Marianne, Marina, and Theodosius, as well as three nephews and a niece Petlyura.

at First, security officers almost touched the relatives of the Ukrainian leader, although in 1924 the GPU briefly arrested Marina and Feodosia. When in 1926 Symon Petliura was assassinated in Paris, Poltava, the Bolsheviks, and all, apparently, felt that now the two old maids pose no threat. According to the decision of the district Executive Committee sisters “Hetman” Marina and Feodosia was returned withdrawn before the house of 4 rooms on the street Suburban, 20. This was done “in order of denationalization”. Sisters, who believed that his brother had disgraced the family of Petliura, and after the move pointed out his name on the sign under the house number. In the evening, the inscription was illuminated by the lantern. Sister Petlyura was not included among the “disenfranchised” and could participate in the elections. As stated in the electoral maps, in 1927, the Marina, and Theodosius had social status “workers.”

“On the wall – a portrait of Petlura”

the Quiet life relatives Petliura came to an end during the Great terror. Change in the Ukraine KGB superiors enthusiastically jumped at the sisters ‘ “anti-Soviet” leader. Restoreü the events of 1937 in Poltava thanks to the documents “about the persecution of the family of Simon Petlyura”, published on the website of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory.

in the Autumn of 1937 the NKVD visited the house to the Marina and Feodosia. During the inspection in one of the rooms was found a portrait of Simon Petliura in the full-length, standing next to the icons. There were other images of the head of the UPR.

Along the way, investigators “remembered” that lives in Poltava, one of his nephews Petlyura – the son of Marianne priest Sylvester Skripnik (some papers etc). He was accused, together with her aunt he was a “fascist counter-revolutionary insurgent organization of churchmen of the periphery of Poltava region”. Externally, the wording seemed plausible. Marina and Theodosius Petliura lived closed, certain I had, and in addition, periodically allowed to stay in their home Orthodox nuns. The ruling in the case of Marina Petlyura was noted that the house “is the gathering place of hysterics and anti-Soviet elements”.

“the Ukrainians made miserable”

in addition to the religious sisters remembered their correspondence with relatives in exile and accused of “nationalist activities”. They allegedly called for the exclusion of Ukraine from the Soviet Union.

“Sister Petlyura Theodosius and Marina systematically spoke sharply in a hostile spirit against the existing order, praising the bandit Petliura”, – stated in a document.

Attracted by the NKVD witness Nicholas Radik allegedly heard from relatives is noteworthy that “Simon wanted for the Ukrainian people a good life,” but the Bolsheviks did to the Ukrainians “unfortunate.” Also Marina and Theodosius complained about high taxes and argued that the Soviet regime has brought the people “to poverty, hunger and death.”

But the KGB was not enough. In addition they were charged with two old maids and the priest at the absurdity of the connection with the “Trotskyites-zinovievite”. Special NKVD Troika sentenced all three to death. Rehabilitated relatives Petlyura only in 1989. A similar fate awaited another son of Marianne – Andrey Skripnik, who worked as a veterinarian in Chernigov. And the younger nephew of Petlyura – Valerian Skrypnyk, in the same 1937 he was sent to the Gulag, from which he emerged only in 1952.

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