History 24/01/20 “United Russia”: as the train was white fought with the Communists

According to historians, in the Civil war on the side of the whites acted more than 70 trains, and the “United Russia” is considered the first heavy train fighting vehicle, in service with the Volunteer army.

as part of the 1st armored division

Leonid Amirkhanov in his “Battleships of Railways,” wrote that in the Armed Forces of South Russia (VSYUR) by the end of 1919 there were 10 BroadVision. The first one consisted of light armoured train “General Alekseev” and “Forward for the Motherland!”, as well as heavy — “United Russia”. The commander of the division Colonel Ivan Skopin.

Future “United Russia” (at first train was named “Battery ranged”) collected in the summer of 1918, at station Tikhoretskaya, using as integral parts of captured buenaposada, captured from the red Army.

the Battle path “EP”

the Author of several works on military history Alexander Shirokorad’s book, “the Wonder weapon of the Russian Empire” mentioned that “United Russia”, when the tank was renamed in 1919, was already in command of Colonel Vladimir Karpinsky. The armored train was armed 6/45-inch coastal gun of Kane (with a 45-degree angle range of fire upgraded bombs, the projectile could reach targets at a distance of 18 km), ship 102/60 mm cannon (the maximum firing range of over 16 km). In addition, “ER” had a machine gun buenaposada with 6 side and 2 machine guns of the tower, where was placed the gun.

Shirokorad, in particular, writes that “ER” in 1919, successfully operated in the Luhansk region. Thanks to the train, in February, was rescued by one of the battalions of the 1st regiment of Markov, United Russia was able to emerge victorious in the battle with two armored trains of the red Army and reverse the red infantry.

the Second geographical area battles of the CivilOh war, where he participated in the train the “United Russia”, – vicinity of Tsaritsyn. Here “ER” is opposed not only to train and infantry of the enemy, but his river fleet – the Volga and the Caspian-Astrakhan. As a result, the largest for all history of the Civil war battles of armored trains, ships, fleets, armed naval long-range guns, were forced to retreat.

Another episode of the successful use of heavy armored train under the Empress Alexander Shirokorad describes as a joint operation, in which in addition to the “United Russia” and another, more light rail armored vehicles, took part tanks the whites. Historians also mention the use of “ER” in the capture of Kursk Volunteer army in September 1919. Candidate of historical Sciences Yury Bugrov and the journalist and writer Mikhail Lagutik in their study write that in less than a month the red Army managed to recapture the city.

Recent fighting in Zaporozhye

the Colonel of the Volunteer army, and later emigrant, Alexander Trembovetski, wrote that “EP” fought against parts of Nestor Makhno in Kiev. There in the autumn of 1919, the Makhnovist locomotive armored train was incapacitated. According to Alexander Shirokorad, “United Russia” was towed for repair in the beginning to Enakievo, and then to Novorossiisk. There is, however, in March 1920, the “ER” cast, and his team evacuated to Sevastopol.

the Russian historian-emigrant Andrey Vlasov another version of the fate of the “United Russia”. In the Paris edition of “the Military was”, he wrote that in early November 1920, the battleship “Saint George” and the “United Russia” in Sevastopol were intentionally destroyed so they do not get the red – formulations directed towards each other. The command “ER” part removed from battleships weapons were evacuated to the ships “Beshtau” and “Kherson”, both ships subsequently went to Constantinople.

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