Why 15 may 1941, arrived in Moscow unknown German pilot

History 24/01/20 Why may 15, 1941 arrived in Moscow unknown German pilot

In may 1987 on the red square in Moscow, landed a private plane light, led West German pilot Matthias Rust. This event caused a sensation. However, people in the know remembered that on the eve of the great Patriotic war there was a similar case, which was then nearly half-century has been classified in the USSR.

Strange flight

may 15, 1941 at the Central aerodrome Moscow – Khodynka then they were field – made an unauthorized landing of German three-engine transport aircraft “Junkers-52”. He flew from Koenigsberg had intruded into Soviet airspace and route Bialystok—Minsk—Smolensk flew to Moscow. The Soviet air defense forces found him, and if found, then don’t report it. The plane smoothly arrived in Moscow.

Germany has said that the pilot lost his way, made a mistake. The Soviet Union returned Germany the plane. On this break and known information about the incident.

However, there are known the results of the expedition. On 10 June 1941 the people’s Commissar of defense of the USSR Marshal Semyon Timoshenko issued a secret order On “into the smooth border crossings and airplane Ju 52 on 15 may 1941.” It said on egregious facts, carelessness in air defense services. But before that followed the tragic for some event.

the repression of aviators

may 31, 1941 he was arrested by the commander of the air defence of the Moscow military district the General-the Lieutenant Pyotr Pumpur. June 7, arrested the chief of defense Colonel-General Grigori stern. On 8 June, the NKVD took Lieutenant-General of aviation, assistant chief of the General staff of the red army aviation Yakov Smushkevich. June 19, were arrested Lieutenant-General of aviation, air force commander of the Volga military district Pavel Alekseev and one associated with aviation – General Alexander Loktionov, former aboutthe bottom head of the red army air force.

the arrests of the chiefs of air force and air defense has not stopped in the first days of the war. 24 June took the former Deputy people’s Commissar of aviation, Hero of the Soviet Union, Lieutenant General aviation Paul Rychagova. 26 Jun arrested major-General of aviation Aleksei ionov, commander of the VVS North-Western front.

were all these arrests connected with the incident on may 15? For sure it is impossible to install. No one arrested was not imputed “betrayal” in connection with a pass unhindered u-52 to Moscow. All those arrested were stipulated in the participation in any kind of “spyware” and “Trotskyist” conspiracies. Only “taken” after the war started Ionova blamed the failure of the first days of the war.

October 28, 1941, he was executed without trial in Barbise Kuibyshev region of Levers, Shtern, and Smushkevich, Loktionov and a number of military. On 23 February 1942 by the sentence of a court in the Saratov shot Pumpurs, Alekseev and ions.

it is Highly likely that the repression of the aviators were not associated with the flight of the Ju 52. The fact that the lever 9 April 1941 sharply objected to Stalin in the Politburo meeting devoted to the problems of military aviation. In reply, Stalin at the rebuke of the high accident rate of the Soviet planes, Levers, according to the memoirs of Admiral Ivan Isakov, said that the leader forces the pilots to “fly coffins”.

Stalin was deeply offended by this remark. Excitement mangling the Russian language, the leader has repeated several times Rychagova: “You weren’t supposed to tell!”. Then closed the meeting. Perhaps the speech Rychagova made him suspect the presence of another “conspiracy”, this time among aviators. On April 12, the Levers were removed from the post of Deputy Commissar of defense.

so there is no reason to link the repression of the chiefs of the Soviet air force and air defense in 1941 with the incident in the Moscow sky on may 15. This further proves that the flight of the Ju 52 to Moscow, it turns out, was controlled by ground-based air defense, and the German pilot Yesif the “corridor” to Moscow! But why, then, took the order of people’s Commissar of defence on the fact of negligence, if the flight was coordinated with the Soviet side?

a Personal letter to Hitler Stalin

the arrival of the u-52 has long served as the basis for conspiracy theories about sending Hitler to Stalin a secret personal message. In it the Fuehrer was reported that the concentration of German troops at the Western borders of the USSR due to the need to confuse England. Hitler asked Stalin not to succumb to provocations that may occur on the part of individual commanders of the Wehrmacht, and also referred to the forthcoming personal meeting with the Soviet leader in July 1941.

At the same time the reader is given the opportunity to make their own conclusions. It could be misinformation Hitler and Stalin to facilitate the attack on the Soviet Union (you can imagine where it came from Stalin’s famous phrase in the order of 21 June: “Not to succumb to provocations!”). But anyone can think that the war began because of the provocation of some of the German generals who wanted, according to the alleged words of Hitler, “to save England from its fate and thwart my plans.”

Text of the message was first given in 1994 in one of the books of the writer Igor Bunich. The document was not provided with any link. Still no public archives not found any trace of him. All subsequent reprints of the text “letters to Hitler” are based only on publishing Bunich. Status historians believe “the message of Hitler to Stalin” falsification Bunich.

Russian-American journalist Valery Lebedev drew attention to the apparent absurdities in the version Bunich. Why Hitler took the news a secret message on a low-speed u-52 with a low range? Why is he in the letter apologizing to Stalin for a non-trivial method of delivery, although the flight took place with the knowledge and under the control of Soviet air defenses?

Conspiracy theories out of the blue?

the Other version is more prosaic: the Germans tried to probe Soviet air defenses, and the incident showed them her weakness and carelessness. But theseon again does not fit with the discovery of the aircraft and monitor its flight.

the Version that the flight was sabotaged by Stalin or someone in his entourage to unleash repression against the group of Soviet military commanders, is also incongruous. Stalin did not need to make such difficult occasions, if he wanted to kill someone. Especially because he earlier dismissed Rychagova. And most importantly – none of those arrested were not accused of condoning violation of Soviet border by German pilot.

On the route Konigsberg — Moscow in the summer of 1940 was flight u-52, and distillation of these aircraft, purchased by the USSR. Most likely, during this particular flight, there was some inconsistencies in the work of air defense and air force. This was the reason for the order Seeds Tymoshenko, did not include harsh punishments.

However, uncertainty remains. Why is information about this mission are still classified and we don’t know any numbers on that flight if it has been formally agreed, nor the name of the pilot?

Yaroslav Butakov

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