Celebrities Eenseksschandaal on “That ‘70s Show” actor Danny Masterson (43), which is in the sitcom in the skin that slid from steve Hyde,the Church of Scientology, of course.During a trial of four young women, and the controversial kerkervan been accused of rapes, sexual assaults, human trafficking, and bullying under the carpet to the towels. According to the cult members threaten the whole situation to explode in the face of Tom Cruise (57),one of the most famous, member and spokesman of the church of Scientology.

The lawsuit is directed against the 43-year-old “That ‘70s Show” actor Danny Masterson, is also a member of the Scientology cult. The four women have accused him of all of the sexual abuse. The two of them to describe the process of Masterson as Bill Cosby, in which the actor is to them drogeerde and them, then defiled. The victim Chrissie Bixler (37) had lived there in the late 90’s, along with Masterson, and says that they are, at the time, to faint, after that he was on a night something in her drink and had to be done. The next day, she had a lot of pain, and she asked, ” Danny, what was going on. “And he just laughed and said, ” Oh, I did that last night to have sex with you’”, testified to Chrissie for the right one. “I asked him afterwards if I had lost consciousness, and he said a clear ‘yes’.”

Chrissie – as a member of the church of Scientology – claiming that they are after the fact of a complaint filed by a leader of the church. That would, however, be denied, by her, to believe it, and told her she was not raped, it could have been because she and Masterson in a relationship. “You have to have done something to deserve it’, it would be the supervisor of her need to be told.

Well, Marie, Bobette Riales (39) testified in the court of law. They claimed that, in 2002, I think it was from Masterson, till one day, something in her glass and made her be sexually abused. “I knew all the time that there was something wrong with our relationship. But it didn’t come with me, that he has other girls doing it,” said Riales. Also, two of the other women, who want to remain anonymous, signed up to the trial and testified against the actor.

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