In bruges The police of Bruges, to put additional troops in the uefa Champions League match for the Club against the Turkish Club this evening. With the riots of 2002, in my mind, the police not to take the risk. Throughout the day there will be additional controls in place. “We are also taking preventive measures,” said president Lien Depoorter. So drankglazen in some areas is strictly prohibited.

All right, after the draw for the Champions League, they needed to be in the city police department as in its scratch. With the arrival of a Turkish football team called the nasty memories of the last encounter between the two teams. In 2002, it went quite out of hand, and there were a lot of injured people. The Platse was in a car with Turkish fans are held back by the city of Bruges, amokmakers, and then she sticks with nails in the car, began to beat. The driver fell unconscious, and only the intervention of the police, it could be worse to avoid. Previously, there had been a riot in the city. Tonight is The re-visiting, and in Bruges on Thursday.In this regard, the police have been in contact with a Picturesque pub and restaurant owners, retailers, The Line, taxi drivers and people living near the Jan breydel stadium. For the hospitality industry, has in a letter informed that, as of Wednesday, september 18, 10 a.m.-Thursday, september 19, 7 p.m. ” the glass drankrecipiënten in certain areas in the center of the city, is prohibited.
No mixing

it’s also the case that, in the cafes, all within a radius of 1 km around the stadium. “There should be drinks available in the non-versplinterbare of the cups to be given. All of the Turkish supporters, should also have a valid stadionticket on the back pocket. Also shops and supermarkets in the city are not allowed to drink it in a glass container sales in that period of time. In addition, they are concerned, café and pub owners have a lot of constructive tips on how to make a nice voetbalfeest to make the required commitment to safety,” says president Lien Depoorter.

in addition to taxi drivers, and The Line is requested in order to ensure that the supporters do not mix on the way to the stadium. It should be Gistelse Steenweg and in the centre of the town of Sint-Andries, be avoided. As fans of the Turkish club will most likely be out of the old Turkish communities, in our country, the Netherlands, and Germany meet, there can be no organized movement to happen.