Uefa Champions League, Racing Genk and lost in the first match in group E of the Champions League with a tough 6-2 and figures from Red Bull Salzburg. Halfway down stood up and the young People are already 5-1 up behind it. “We are very disappointed”, said coach Felice Mazzu.

“I can’t find the words for our first half of the description. The way in which Salzburg was played, and scored, we were prepared,” a voice said from Mazzu. “We got to rest a lot, to a lot of errors, a different result was not an option.”

“this is not the first time that our first half was not good. After 25 minutes, we’d have a better time, but after the 2-0 there was still more room. We were however being worked on, but the players are doing the exact opposite”, he continued, the Genk manager.

“there’s no way to get to the Champions League if you defend like that in the first half. That is, we would soon be up against Liverpool and Napoli play? This is what we need now is not to think about it. We need to find solutions to these problems.”

“And whether or not this level in the Champions League too much for us to do? No, I don’t think so. If we are on the defensive surface, not so many mistakes had been made, and then we would stay in the race, have remained the same.”