Eugene Hawtin: what happened to the wife of the

Biography 03/01/20 Eugene Hawtin: what happened to the wife of the “iron Commissar” Yezhov

As we know, Nikolay Ezhov was arrested in 1939. A few months later people’s Commissar shot. Shortly before Yezhov was taken into custody, died, and his wife Eugenia Hawtin. The circumstances of her death are not clear so far. It is unknown whether the death was violent Hauting or she took his own life.


Before Hawtin Eugenia (née Feigenberg) met with Nikolai Yezhov, she managed to be married twice. Hawtin was in a second marriage, when I met Yezhov. First husband Eugene was a simple mechanic, but his name Hawtin wore until his death. Then she worked as a typist in the editorial of one of Odessa’s magazines. Hawtin liked men that liked it and the Director of the Moscow publishing house Alexey Gladun. Soon a spectacular typist divorced with a mechanic and moved to Moscow to the new chosen one.

after a while Gladun was nominated for the diplomatic job. Hawtin went abroad after her husband, worked the same as a typist at the Soviet Embassy in London and then in Berlin. As written by Eduard Makarevich in his book “Intimate secrets of the Soviet Union,” once the capital of Germany, came to the writer Isaac Babel, who I Hauting happened in a whirlwind romance. Babel shot in 1940 on Stalin’s orders, but Eugene is the wiser.

the Wife “of the” Yezhov

in the meantime, in the autumn season of 1929, Eugene Hawtin went to rest in one of the Sochi sanatoria. Ibid spent his holidays and Nikolai Yezhov, who had already occupied a fairly high position. Yezhov was instantly fond of new acquaintance. According to Donald Rayfield was, the author of the book “Stalin and his henchmen”, Eugene believed the gentleman from Sochi “rising star” with a great future, sowithout hesitation parted with Gladun and married Yezhov.

Eugene Hawtin was, at least partly, but the right soon Nikolai Yezhov was appointed people’s Commissar of internal Affairs. Hawtin itself has evolved from simple typist to editor of the magazine “USSR in construction”. Outside of work, Eugene was fond of literature, and made a kind of evening on which there were famous poets and writers, including lover Koutinas, Isaac Babel.

All this hated Stalin. Although, as suggested by Julian Semenov in one of his last works called “Despair”, Stalin disliked Eugene because she rejected his advances. Anyway, according to Leonid Naumov in his book “Stalin and the NKVD”, in June 1938, the Secretary General strongly advised to Ezhov to think about divorce.

Suicide or murder

However, Nikolai Yezhov divorce hesitated: he did not want to part with Eugenia Hauting. At this point, they had to adopt the girl from the orphanage. Meanwhile the flywheel of repression, under which fall all the new people around Hauting and Yezhov spun all the harder. Both felt what was coming. Pavel Kuzmenko in his book “the Most scandalous triangles of Russian history” writes that in the end, Evgenia Solomonovna so hysterical that she had to go to a sanatorium in Barvikha.

There Hautin and died in late November 1938. Shortly before he was arrested two of her close friends: Zinaida Glikina, Zinaida and Karimun. Both of them shot in 2 years. According to one version, in connection with the foregoing events Eugene decided to voluntarily withdraw from life. But there is an assumption that results in his book “Mikhail Tukhachevsky: the life and death of the “red Marshal”” the historian Boris Sokolov: Autino removed people Lavrenti Beria. After all, he took a chair Yezhov after his arrest.

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