Why anarchists declared all women of

History 03/01/20 Why anarchists declared all women of “heritage”

the Anarchists, as we know, by definition are opposed to all forms of suppression of human freedom. They do not recognize the state and public institutions. In pre-revolutionary time, the marriage seemed the Russian anarchist form of restriction of the rights and freedoms of women in a Patriarchal society. Therefore, some freethinkers, following the European thinkers imagined a future in which disappear the traditional family, and wives will become common.

the Relic

the views of the anarchists on the question of gender relations was not unique. If some of them advocated free love, others considered forcing women to debauchery another form of sexual exploitation, no less terrible.

for Example, Mikhail Bakunin (1814-1876), was in his philosophical writings wrote that instead the government must come self-governing communities of equals. Among them there can be no coercion or dependency of one person from another.

the Anarchists believed in the bright future sexual needs of any individual will be satisfied freely. They called the marriage a relic of the past, hoping to liberate women from family oppression. Many thinkers considered marriage a form of legalized prostitution because women are forced to live with their husbands because of the socio-economic reasons, having no other means to feed themselves and their children. Most philosophers, free-thinkers of pre-revolutionary Russia advocated free love.

So, Benjamin Propper, who used the pseudonym of Vicomte A., in his pamphlet “Anarchist individualism” (1906) called the family “a strange combination of a beast of burden with a slave-concubine”. He urged them not to make shrines of the sex relations of men and women, thus denying both the Church and civil brAK.

the Founders of Bananarama – brothers of ABA (Abba) and Volf (Vladimir) Gordini – also noted that in the early twentieth century, women are “slaves, females, instruments of production and objects of consumption.” Speaking for the liberation of women from domestic tyranny, the recognition of their civil rights, fellow free-thinkers still rejected the idea of free love. They believed that personality, conscious of itself truly independent and able to decide for itself how to live. And with whom.

Another famous anarchist Apollon Karelin (1863-1926), was believed to release the woman from having to marry may be socio-economic methods. He advocated for empowering the fair sex of land as means of production. The mistress own farmland, according to the anarchist, will no longer depend on a man. Which means the family do not need it.

the Palace of love, the Communards

we had Not performed the October revolution of 1917, as many anarchists were quick to put into practice the idea of “shared wives”. They said that after the destruction of the tsarist autocracy should be abolished and the outdated institution of marriage.

a wave of similar sentiment in Moscow was issued a “Decree on the socialization of Russian girls and women”. This curious document pasted on the walls and houses of the capital, causing a lively interest among the proletarians.

the Decree contained 19 paragraphs. He argued that henceforth all women, 17-32 years declared “heritage (property) of the people.” And men willing to use them should apply to the Moscow free Association of anarchists.

Author of this document was the enterprising owner of the manufacturing shop Martyn grips. It remains unknown whether he was related to the capital Committee of the anarchists, as he claimed. In any case, this man really made a few women public property.

His house, which was located in Sokolniki, Martin Khvatov declared the Palace lubvi of the Communards. No more, no less. And in fact, it was the Nativity scene. With men wanting to spend time with the inmates of the house, the enterprising shopkeeper took the money. Obviously, the lack of “free women” an anarchist have not experienced many of the fair sex in the revolutionary turmoil had nowhere to go.

the Trial of Hvatova took place in June 1918. He was acquitted, because for a champion of progressive ideas stood the member of the Central Committee of the RCP (b) Alexandra Kollontai (1872-1952) It at every opportunity advocated free love between a man and a woman. But the Palace of love Communards of the defendant were confiscated as money, received as a result of pimping under the auspices of anarchy.

the next day khvatova killed in his shop. The responsibility for this crime took on a group of anarchists who disagree with his views on sexual relationships. These people even issued a proclamation, in which he tried to explain to his compatriots that believe “Decree on the socialization of Russian girls and women” pornographic libelous, defamatory ideas of anarchism.

the Nationalization of women

However, khvatova across Russia there were many like-minded people. So, on February 28, 1918 in Saratov was published the “Decree on the socialization of women.” In fact, he largely repeated the same Moscow document. Unless freed from sexual trespass ladies with five or more children.

the author of the decree which in form resembled all the other decrees of the new government, was the owner of Saratov tea (institution of a public catering) Mikhail Uvarov. And he also issued a document on behalf of the local anarchists.

However, the provincial inhabitants of the Volga region were people are less tolerant of such liberties than the capital’s inhabitants. Local men were worried about the fate of their daughters, sisters and wives. In early March 1918, a detachment of 20 anarchists smashed a tea Uvarova, and the owner was killed. Saratov activists saw it as a provocateur who tried discreditthe presence of anarchists in the nation.

Meanwhile, the “Decree on the socialization of women” has been reprinted in many publications, including Newspapers: “Ufa life”, “Vyatka region”, “Vladimir news”. For example, in Vladimir, announced the nationalization of girls starting from 18 years of age. Under penalty of all unmarried women were obliged to register. And manage their personal life was the so-called “Bureau of free love.”

Soviet power, have to give her credit, tried to stop this outrage. But first the whites and then the opponents of collectivization was used resulting in people rumors to discredit the Communists. For example, peasants were afraid that the farm all the wives will be shared.

so the ideas of anarchists, free love and the abolition of the institution of marriage was finally buried by the harsh truth of life. The citizens of our country rejected the concept of “shared wives”. It turned out that people are willing to accept the closing of churches, changing the traditional way of managing multiple deprivation, but they firmly the conception of family as the most important values in life of each person.

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