Dear kovid: consider how much money is spent on the testing of Novosibirsk (a lot)

Novosibirsk oblast for five months, lives in the mode of a pandemic. We decided to calculate how much money is spent on the detection of coronavirus infections in Novosibirsk (particularly for physicians — in fact there are many cases), how much one has to test and who allocates the money.

How were calculations

For starters, we requested the Ministry of health, requesting the standard numbers — how much money is spent on testing doctors, who allocates money for the testing of employees of medical institutions in the Novosibirsk region, how many tests are done consistently once a week in the region, according to the decree of the chief sanitary doctor, how many tests per week, in addition to the mandatory is due to the fact that there are symptoms that do not exclude coronavirus, and so on. The Ministry of health of the Novosibirsk region redirected the journalist in the mandatory medical insurance Fund, explaining that they pay for testing.