TV is Becoming more and more vijftigplussers to be a professional and what a gas to take it back. The work has become routine, the challenges, and have secretly been looking forward to a, hopefully, stress-free retirement. However, there is also the upcoming the elderly, for those who rest, rust, and uitdoofscenario is not an option. Energetic, workaholics who are more diligent with the immune seem to be the issue of the passage of time.

is 52, has become Koen Wauters is such an example. Thirty years ago, it is already well known in Flanders as well as in the business shortly after his frontman, who hoards love bakvissen in katzwijm did fall off. In a blue moon due to the new VTM’s on a stage is picked with Francesca Vanthielen, the ‘Super 50’ is to be presented. A brilliant idea occurred to me. The young presenter, as a secondary occupation had been, after all, right-click the screen to set up in addition to a successful musical is a dazzling tv career, and three decades later, more than ever, alive and kicking. Of tieneridool has steadily grown into a mature superstar with a human dimension. The übersympatico who are welcome everywhere, with Wauters vs Waes television history in the making, on average, programs blockbuster movies, as well as a firm guarantee of success.

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