Showbiz, Kim Kardashian (38), has in the past openly spoken about her battle with auto-immune disease of psoriasis. Before, but never acted on them in detail about the after-effects of the disease, when to Push, and the blog of her older sister Kourtney. There it reveals to the realityster that she is suffering from psoriatic arthritis, which is a combination of ontstekingsreuma, and skin disease.

Kim, it was a 25-year-old when she first suffered was psoriasis. She had red marks on her legs, and the tummy. After a visit to the dermatologist is kept in the symptoms of five years are a long time away, but it was not long before her thirty-second verjaardagkeerde in the back and started the real battle against the skin disease.

for The past eight years, will there be the occasional spots of her body. “At the beginning of this year, it was a very serious matter. It covered my entire face, and it is the main part of the body,” says the realityster. One night, she woke up and she realized that she had her phone and a toothbrush, couldn’t even hold on through the pain. “The two days went by, and I know that I have to go to Vegas and had to fly out to the Jimmy Kimmel Show. I felt like that the whole time, so uncomfortable, because my hands are so much to do. I felt so awful.”

After the show is over, drew Kim back to the doctor’s office. Eventually, they find out that they have psoriatic arthritis, had. “It’s still painful and scary, but I was happy to see that I have a diagnosis of did.” A few months later, she found that the arthritis-not only is it in her hands she was in. One day, she did not have to take her pants off. “I had my bra and do not even have to wear. To me, dressing up as the pain was unbearable.” Kim is trying to be the disease, and now have to fight it with a healthy diet and lifestyle. “If you have psoriasis, you should not your life to ruin. You will need to do whatever it takes to make you feel good, but it may be that the thing doesn’t take over.”