Members Who were the youngest of the day, in the center of the Party referred to could not miss them. Several car dealers have left cards in order to offer their services. The GAS regulations, and that such actions should be discouraged, moreover, so many holes that punish is almost impossible.

Or one of those annoying and obtrusive tickets real purpose of second-hand cars, or simply to feel that the cars are not locked, that is the first problem. That ticket will then flock to the ground to land a second big problem. However, this is the last day already happened in the centrumstraten of the Party.

253 tickets

For example, Now Roobroeck pulled on Wednesday with his 11-year-old son of Stef and the street, the nasty cards in there. “We’ve had a few days and tickets are counted, but will clean up, it is better to do,” says Roobroeck. Together with his son, he gathered in no time at all, and in a distance of less than one kilometre of the 253 (!) cards from four different vendors. “Impossible to believe that the municipality and the police just let it happen,” says Roobroeck.

Son, This deplores the fact that the cards on the street to be thrown away. Due to the spontaneous action is Impossible, however, to the taste of it. “We picked, we already have more than two cards in it,” he said.“ To see the streets clean, plant, he is more organized clean-ups. “I’ve been to a couple of friends and would like to help us,” says the young man.


Mayor is Roland Uyttendaele (CD&V). it is at the level of the caused disturbance. “As chance would have it, we are in the police force, just as the question is asked, as a council member, Stu’s Sake (Open to Members), the issue will also be on the agenda of the city council on Thursday put it, but fine, it is very difficult,” said the mayor.

However, it seems that the local police is clear. It says, literally, under the Article 91 of the (G. A. S.): “It is forbidden in advertisements, and a free local press, on the other, place it in the mailbox.” A difficulty emerges, however, is the detection and sanctioning of the application. This ticket is mostly just a number and not a name. We will be able to onsreglement does not really apply, unless we make it to the dealers in the act, be caught”, says Uyttendaele.
No ads

According to the police, the situation is even more difficult, and the article is useless. “Anyone who has a car want to buy is not advertising as advertising is normally referred to, is to have something to sell.” In addition, the regulations only if, at the bedeler, and not of the editor-in-chief or business manager. “Fine, can only be in the betrapping.” Finally, there are the rules and regulations are also unclear as to what exactly the violation is. Each is assigned a flyer, or in the begging of the flyers?

in a nutshell: as long as there are no better rules and regulations, be able to car dealers with good and bad intentions, mass cards, deposit them in the police force, Erpe-Mere, belgium/Lede. The work to be done by the politicians, and so in order to have a customized, workable, and applicable to police and to write.