Coach biathletes of Kovantsev stood up for Loginova

the Main coach of Russian national team on biathlon Anatoly Kovantsev critics said Alexander Loginov, who after the disqualification for doping won the world championship gold. The mentor reminded the foreign apologists of the Russians, and among them are former dopingliste.

In particular, Kovantsev remembered for doping were penalized Norwegian skier Therese Johaug, but she’s back on track and continues to win. The coach turned to the Norwegian biathlon criticizing Loginov: “Why brothers BAA do not belong to the Johaug? She wins, but nobody says that she’s dopingliste and the competition it is nothing to do”.

According to our specialist in the shade Loginova is a German Denise Herrmann, who also was at one time punished for the “zapresheno”: “Herrman here is, pounding feet, excuse me, so that others never dreamed of. Why is not anyone worried?”

Kovantsev believes that brothers BAA upsetting their own the result: “They were out of prizes and told the offense. The season was always in the prizes, but here again — and by. Missed the Russian. Decided to look in yourself, in the other. I think it was more emotions and they will not speak”.

Coach paid tribute to the Frenchman Martin Fourcade: “Here He spoke correctly, — quotes Chovancova Спортбокс.Ru. And I agree with him — why make a scandal Ustyugov and Sleptsova was during the world Cup? I’m sure the decision was a long time ago. Could announce him before, could after. It has left a “dessert” on the main start. As always”.

“Maybe I wanted to psychologically unsettle our team — asks the expert. – There would be EPO — Loginov has branded for another. Definitely. We are constantly Presstick for everything. Since the days of the USSR. The slightest opportunity to stab there — use it”.

As previously reported Вести.Ru after winning Loginova in the sprint at the world Championships in Italy the number of foreign athletes and journalists descended on him with criticism for doping past. At a press conference after the race Loginov said he was ready to discuss this situation in a personal conversation with any of the rivals.