As General Denikin supported the Red Army in the Great Patriotic

History 17/02/20 As General Denikin supported the Red Army in the Great Patriotic

a Sworn enemy of Soviet Russia Anton Denikin after the German aggression against the Soviet Union unexpectedly called for Russian immigrants to fight back to Hitler. What prompted the white General to change its position towards the Soviet state?

“No loop or yoke”

the Beginning of the great Patriotic war the family Denikins met in the South of France in the small town of Mimizan, near the Atlantic coast. Anton Ivanovich was hoping that here he will be able to avoid contact with the occupation authorities of Germany. However, the Germans got there. The call to register in a German commandant’s office as the person without citizenship Denikin refused, saying that “he is a citizen of the Russian Empire, and that citizenship had no one wins.”

Learning about the German attack on the Soviet Union, the wife of General Ksenia Vasilyevna June 23, 1941, recorded: “About Russia! The Cup of suffering has not yet ispita thee to the bottom! Fighting two of the Antichrist. Of course, the German attack means the end of communism in Russia. But what price have to pay for it! Now German bombs tear apart Russian body, damn German tanks have filled our country, shed Russian blood”.

in a Similar way to these events reacted and Denikin. On review of one of the immigrants on the situation in the war – “the Bolshevik or loop, or a foreign yoke,” he said, “I do not accept or loop or yoke. I confess: the Overthrow of Soviet power and protection of Russia”. However, against the background of Nazi atrocities communism ceased to be relevant for the Denikin threat. Of the two dictators – Hitler and Stalin – the latter seemed to him the lesser evil. For the General it was obvious that under the guise of combating communism, Hitler persecuted in Eastern Europe and the USSR only aggressive goals.

while many immigrants fromhush sided with Germany, for example, Archbishop John (Shahovskoy, who likened the Nazi invasion “Easter in the middle of summer” and encouraged to voluntarily “go under the knife experienced German surgeon” Denikin remained a patriot of Russia. Anton Ivanovich hung on the wall map and, as an experienced military commander, began to arrange her flags, marking the advance of the red Army, first East and then West.

Soon after the beginning of the great Patriotic war, the German authorities arrested the wife of General Xenia Vasilievna. She, like other Russian immigrants younger than 55 years, to be sent to a concentration camp. The General himself saved age: in 1941, he was 69.

will not Serve

However, Denikin’s not left alone. Once he was on a visit visited senior officials of the Gestapo and offered to move to Berlin. They stated that they found belonged to him (Denikin) archive of the Civil war, and he will be able to work with him. It was strange, given that all controlled by the Reich extended the ban on the works of Denikin. This mysterious arrival of the Nazis and the arrest of his wife Anton Ivanovich regarded as an attempt to break his will and force to cooperation. Denikin refused. On the question of the commandant: “we can be useful for You in Mimizan?” he said, “Thank you. I have need of nothing”. Although in reality, the General could barely make ends meet.

Denikin continued to write and lecture. Even being a staunch opponent of communism, he urged all immigrants not support Germany in a war with the Soviet Union. And those who went on to collaborate with the Nazi regime, he was called “bigots”, “defeatists” and “Hitler’s admirers”. At the same time some traitors he found an excuse, explaining their actions “inhuman conditions in Nazi concentration camps and crippled the Bolshevik regime national identity”.

Came to Denikin Vlasov was verysurprised, when the white General began to conduct anti-German propaganda, to speak about Russia’s future and responsibility to their Homeland. Then he led the soldiers of the Russian liberation army (ROA) to the map and began to show as the Red Army was advancing towards Germany. One of Vlasov, a former sailor of the black sea fleet, asked the General, can anyone defeat Russia? “No, – said the General. – No one can.” “I think so too!” – happily confirmed sailor. Denikin and Vlasov liberated from the German yoke and to the side of the Western allies of the USSR, asserting that only in this case they will save your life. Indeed, when the battalion ROA was sent to the Western front, many soldiers and officers defected to the side of the Anglo-American troops. There is information about the meeting of Vlasov and Denikin, in which, however, the two generals never found a common language.

With faith in the victory

the author of the essay about Denikin historian Yuri Gordeev, citing archival documents, wrote that the white General has puzzled the authorities of the USSR, when in 1943 he decided to send home for red Army soldiers from a car with drugs purchased on own accumulated funds. Stalin, according to the historian, was in a quandary: take it or not? I decided to use the help, but not a word to anyone not to tell from whom it came.

In late autumn of 1944 when the Soviet army finally drove the Germans out of the country and began to lead the liberation operation in Eastern Europe, Denikin made an appeal about the 27-year-old anniversary of the Volunteer army. The General gave us his view of the ways of development of Russia and focused attention on the need for reorganization of the state, which the countrymen are conscious only of a century later. The General again went through all sorts of “scum” and “Hitler’s henchmen”, who, seeing the inevitability of the victory of the red Army, began to change the mask and to praise “the new masters of the situation”. Denikin admired the greatness of the feat of RussianAldata, who gave his life for the liberation of Russia from the “German plague”, and wished the victorious conclusion of the war that will protect our country from the blatant attacks from the outside.

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