As the Germans used captured T-34 against the red Army

Weapons 23/01/20 As the Germans used captured T-34 against the red Army

Faced in early war T-34/76, the Germans realized that the enemy has a tank, which is in all respects superior to their armored vehicles. The natural desire was to acquire such a car and explore, or better yet, use on its side. The benefit of not having combat experience of the Soviet tanks were often abandoned equipment on the battlefield immobilized from lack of fuel or spare parts, and even because of running out of ammunition.

Thirty-four swastika

Just aware of more than 300 tanks T-34/76 that were used in the fighting and occupation divisions of the Wehrmacht and elite SS units. In official German documents, they were called Pz.Kpfw.747. Before going to the front of the machine were transported to Riga, where undergoing repairs and upgrades. The German tank crews, accustomed to more comfortable conditions, thirty seemed too simple.

In the factory on the tower and housing of captured tanks launched a swastika, the number and, where necessary, other distinguishing marks. Indeed, in the first days of the war, many trophies were lost due to friendly fire — too recognizable and unlike the German technique was the silhouette of the T-34.

Starting in 1943, captured tanks are increasingly getting the occupation forces. In combat units of the Wehrmacht appeared a new machine “Tigers”, “Panthers”, “Ferdinand”, which by its characteristics superior to T-34/76. Part of the captured modernized tanks, installing them on anti-aircraft guns or heavy anti-tank guns.

Known about the Germans captured a few dozen upgraded T-34/85. But the victory of the Wehrmacht in 1944, have become rare and local. Therefore, this mass of captured equipment did not.

the complexity of operation

of Course, the use of Soviet tanks, formerly in the hands of the Germans was limited. Though with simple design and good maintainability, the tanks needed maintenance. And to repair the failed machine, the Germans could only by removing the parts from the other.

If French, Czech or Polish tanks went to Germany with factories in the occupied territories, the Soviet Union was different. Soviet production was promptly evacuated to the Urals and Siberia. And to master production of spare parts and ammunition to the captured technology would be too costly.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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