Why Stalin did not believe the survey about the date of Hitler's attack

History 23/01/20 Why Stalin did not believe the survey about the date of Hitler’s attack

Reports that Stalin in advance had reported on the date of the German attack on the Soviet Union, began to appear in print soon after the exposure of the cult of Stalin by Khrushchev at the twentieth Congress of the CPSU in 1956. And claimed that Stalin, because of their preconceptions, ignore this information. This allegedly led the Soviet armies to disaster in the first months of the great Patriotic war.

“Not an informant, but what the hell”

Since then published many papers and memoirs, were then sealed with seven seals, but the mystery remains. What was known in the Kremlin about the military preparations of the Third Reich in June 1941, and what specifically was preparing for Stalin? If we had accurate information, then there would be such differences in opinion of modern historians.
And it is clearly the replica of Stalin on the intelligence reports generate different, sometimes conflicting versions. Here the most famous Stalin’s reaction to such a report. 16 June 1941, received a report of people’s Commissar of state security Merkulov to Stalin. Citing a source in the headquarters of the Luftwaffe, it was said that all the preparations for the attack on the USSR in Germany is completed, and the invasion can occur at any time. Stalin recommended to send the source to a known mother, because it is “not an informant, and the devil knows what.”
this one case is regularly cited as a model reaction of Stalin to reports of the impending German attack. It is characteristic that the complete collection of all intelligence reports to Stalin on the eve of war, and of all resolutions, coupled with the Soviet leader on these reports, the historians have no. And some cases like this, historians and journalists angling, providing relevant interpretations, validation own versions.
meanwhile, the only comprehensive, uncut, publicciya secret report to Stalin and his decisions before the war, would remove the current issues. Meantime, we can only guess.

reports of scouts contradicted each other

so, we are only aware of the negative attitude of Stalin is reported to have planned Nazi attack and estimated dates. At the same date the reports were repeatedly pushed back. First there was called in may 1941, then the period between 15 may and 15 June, on the 22nd of June 1941. But even when it passed the first two terms, before June 22, some reports have appeared vague dates like the end of June – beginning of July.
the Question is, who would believe it of these informants? And was it possible to believe them if they are wrong time and again in the prophecy? Maybe the negative reaction of Stalin were not related to the information that Hitler was actually preparing to attack the USSR, namely to the attempts to name the exact date of the invasion? Again, on 22 June was not the only date referred to in these reports!
Next, we do not know all the responses Stalin provided him with information (as are these data completely). And even if there was something that has earned the trust of the leader, would he, with his constant suspicion, put on paper their true thoughts? Would he put some kind of note like: “this source can be trusted”, “note”, etc.?
Therefore, it is extremely difficult to judge the true attitude of Stalin to the messages about the planned Hitler’s invasion.

the Soviet Union was preparing for war in accordance with his plan

the Facts show that the USSR was preparing for war with Germany. The nature of these arrangements leads to the conclusion that the war was conceived by Stalin as offensive. On the basis of the intentions of Stalin to anticipate Hitler’s deployment of troops and the opening of hostilities, it is easy to assume that the most desirable for Stalin would have been reports that Germany does not plan to start a war against the Soviet Union in 1941. Such reports were also.
Opinion that in the spring of 1941 Stalin had absolutely accurate information about what the 22 June 1941 German troops intend to cross the border of the Soviet Union, is false. Stalin was a sea of reports of various kinds, often contradictory. And in all this it was necessary to understand. Why should you believe the reports that the war will begin exactly on June 22? Especially since it does not start either in may 1941 or before June 15? But it was another kind.
In these circumstances, it was reasonable to continue the preparations for war in accordance with their own plan without balls from side to side from the different messages about the intentions of the opponent. Moreover, the majority of the reports regarding dates, were false.

whether 22 Jun final date?

we Have an opportunity to go to German sources. Apparently, the date of June 22 was unknown to the leadership of the Third Reich almost to the last moment. So where it might be earlier known to Stalin?
the plan “Barbarossa”, signed by Hitler on 18 December 1940, it was stated that preparations for war with the Soviet Union should be completed by 15 may 1941. It is easy to see, it’s not a solid term attack, and the earliest of possible. The Directive on cross-border deployment and attack, the Wehrmacht was to receive later.
April 30, 1941, Hitler held a meeting with the high command of the Wehrmacht, which was first established commencement date of the plan “Barbarossa” on 22 June. From this moment the preparations for the invasion began to take into account this term. You need to consider that due to various circumstances, he could still be moved, as it was in the history of the Second world war.
So, the date of the attack on Poland was originally appointed by Hitler on August 26, 1939, and a separate intelligence unit already invaded the Polish territory, when I received a sudden order on the postponement of the invasion on 1 Stvember. The cause was a diplomatic demarche Mussolini declared not declared war on Britain and France if they would stand up for Poland. This made Hitler to think a few days before the aggression.
Knowing this, Stalin was able to assume that, having received information about the impending invasion directly in front of him, he will still manage some diplomatic steps to gain time. This can also explain some strange decisions of Stalin in the night and in the morning on June 22.

Yaroslav Butakov

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